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Jiji Maa: Falguni saves the children from kidnappers. The children meet her. The parents of those children thank Falguni. They get too grateful that Falguni did a big thing for them. The kids give gifts to Falguni. Uttara praises Falguni. She tells hem that Falguni is a good mother, she is Niyati’s mother too, since their mother left, Falguni raised Niyati and gave much love. She gets sugary-tongued. Falguni thinks why is Uttara praising her, if she has really changed or not. She gets confused about Uttara’s drama. Uttara tells Falguni that she has changed. She plans a Singapore trip for Suyash and Falguni. She asks them to go for their honeymoon, and surprises them.

Rajdeep emotionally blackmails Nandini telling that he wants to die. Nandini rushes to his house. Mauli asks Servant about Nandini. The servant tells them that Nandini went somewhere just now. Kunal gets shocked. Mauli thinks Nandini must have gone to Rajdeep. Kunal drives his car and is on the way to Rajdeep’s house. Nandini reaches to Rajdeep’s house and finds him unconscious.


Imli wants to go home. She thanks the doctor for opening the door and letting her go. Nurse tells her that she can’t go till Chakor comes to take her. Imli asks will you keep me here all life, if Chakor doesn’t come, will I stay here. She apologizes to doctor for her rudeness. She tells him that she isn’t mad, she got fine and its not right to keep her as a prisoner. She requests him to let her go. She tells him that she wants to resume her normal life, its her right to ask for her freedom. Doctor doesn’t listen to her. She gets upset and hits her head on the door. She injures herself.

Piyaa Albela:
Angraj thinks to test Pooja and asks her to beat Naren. He tells her that he is fulfilling his promise made to her. Pooja feels pain seeing Naren’s injured state. She acts as she doesn’t care for him. Angraj forces her to beat Naren. Dr. Kiran realizes she has fallen for Naren seeing his humble and innocent nature. She decides to protect him from her father. Rahul goes to Delhi to get the fingerprints mould to take Naren’s fingerprints impression for Angraj.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Hai:
Siddhant proposes Anushka on her engagement day with Vedant. KK gets angry. Karthik and Srikant beat Siddhant. Vedant also beats him. Siddhant gets injured and falls down. Anushka stops Vedant from beating him and confesses her love for Siddhant. She tells KK that she loves Siddhant. Siddhant assures to keep Anushka happy. KK accepts and approves their alliance. They get engaged. Gayatri comes to know about Siddhant and Anushka’s engagement and opposes her son’s decision. Siddhant tries to convince her and tells her that they can’t punish Anushka for KK’s deeds as she is innocent. He reminds her of her words that whenever one is stuck between love and revenge, he/she shall choose love under any circumstances.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina gets jealous seeing Sunaina proposing Sameer, but she makes up her mind not to fall for him again, because of the promise she made to Anand. Sameer meets Bela and Tai ji when they went to market. Sameer tells them that there is a handsome, humble and rich guy in the college who likes Naina and wants to marry her. Tai ji and Bela are shocked. Sunaina asks Sameer to reply her. Munna and Pandit plan to send them on date so that Naina gets jealous and get back to Sameer.

Ishika shows much attitude to Roop and scolds him for damaging and making her scooty fall. Roop tells her that he didn’t make her scooty fall on the first place and also he was not teasing her. He gets upset with her for misunderstanding his character on the first day of their college. He asks do you have any other emotion other than hatred. Ishika tells that she has angry emotions and warns him not to tease her again. Her dress gets torn suddenly. Roop senses her displeasure and covers her with his jacket. Ishika gets touched.

Bepannaah: Anjana is a possessive mother and got Pooja killed as she cheated on Aditya. She warns Sakshi not to think of coming between Aditya and her. Aditya decides to return after his parents’ anniversary and burns some papers. He thinks this is like last decision. He comes to know about Zoya and Arshad’s meeting for their alliance and get upset. He has developed feelings for Zoya, but ignores them due to his decision to return. Anjana doesn’t like Zoya in her house and fumes with anger.


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