Jiji Maa: Falguni returns to Suyash’s life with new enthusiasm


Falguni fears that Suyash will break down on knowing her truth. She shares her dilemma with Niyati. She tells Niyati that she can’t break Suyash’s trust and dreams, she will leave from Suyash’s life so that he can move on and have a new relation which can complete his family. Niyati tries hard to stop her. Falguni asks her to swear and not tell anything to Suyash. She writes an emotional letter for Suyash. She expresses all her emotions and truths in the letter. She leaves from the house without coming in Suyash’s sight. She wishes Suyash stays happy. Niyati prays to Lord to return Falguni’s happiness. Falguni goes lost and walks on the road. She meets with an accident.

The couple takes her to the hospital and gets her treated. Falguni doesn’t let the family know about her accident. She thanks the couple. Niyati’s prayers get answered. Falguni meets Dr. Sonali who reveals to her that Falguni didn’t undergo any operation, she can conceive a child and have a family. She tells her that she didn’t do the operation on Uttara’s orders, as her inner conscience stopped her from doing this sin.

Falguni gets a good surprise. She gets too happy knowing she is fine and can become a mother. She thanks the doctor for saving her life. She thinks she can fulfill Suyash’s dreams now. She gets elated and decides to return home. Niyati stays worried for Falguni. Suyash asks her about Falguni. Niyati lies to him and sheds tears. She wishes Falguni returns to them. Uttara gets happy that Falguni has left from the house and her life. Falguni rushes to inform Suyash that they will soon have a child. She meets her locality neighbors and celebrates her well-being. She gets grateful that all her happiness is intact. Suyash calls up Falguni to know about her. Falguni arrives home and happily hugs Suyash. She tells him that they will soon have a child, his dream of becoming a father will come true. He worries seeing her injury. She tells him that she slipped and got hurt. Niyati gets happy seeing Falguni back. The sisters unite, shocking Uttara. Falguni tells Uttara that she will defeat all her enemies. She challenges Uttara once again.


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