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Jiji Maa

Mayavi Maling: Shil Aditya feels guilty that he has attacked Eshwarya. He locks himself inside the room. He stays depressed and loses belief in himself. Rajmata tries hard to cheer him and explain that it was not his fault. He stays in shock. He cries out his pain over the incident. He feels ashamed to think how he tried to harm Eshwarya. Pranali and Angad return to the palace and learn about Eshwarya in danger. Angad scolds Madhumali for risking Eshwarya’s life for having fun. He tells her that he is using Pranali for his motives, he has to reach to the lake to finish its existence. Haran overhears their conversation and gets angry on Madhumali for using him against Eshwarya. Pranali gets to see Eshwarya’s state and turns worried for her. Eshwarya gets a new life after having lake water. Shil Aditya regrets seeing Eshwarya in unconscious state. He learns that she will recover soon.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna and Radhe’s mum gets into a big argument. Krishna opposes her thinking. She tells Radhe’s mum that they can’t sacrifice Lali just to keep their family name. Radhe’s mum tells that every woman has to lower her gaze and obey her husband to keep the marriage. She remarks Krishna’s mistake of calling police home. Krishna tells them that Lali isn’t any animal that they torture her and teach wrong customs. Krishna doesn’t lose out in the argument and justifies her move. Radhe gets disturbed with the series of events. He learns that Gajanan isn’t released and Shukla will also be with him in the police station at night. Krishna asks him if he feels she has done wrong by calling police. He tells her that she should have asked him once. She tells him that she didn’t wish to call police, but the criminal has to be punished, Gajanan has committed a crime by beating up his wife. Radhe and Krishna have a moment.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Singhanias decide to talk to Goenkas in a peaceful way and try their best to fix the alliance if its possible. Anmol feels the elders won’t help him. He counts on Naira and asks her to help. Naira gets the divorce papers. She sees Kartik’s signs and gets upset. The family’s hope breaks seeing Naira’s sorrow. They don’t want the old bonds to break with such bitterness. They wish Naira reconsiders her decision. Naksh tells them that they have to support Naira in her decision. Naira signs the papers and sends it back. She feels bad for herself and goes away from the family to shed tears. Dadi and Kartik reach Singhania house to talk about Mansi and Anmol’s alliance. Dadi calls her pandit and instructs him to lie about the late mahurat to Singhanias. Naira overhears her. She tries to know what is Dadi up to. She slips there. Kartik reaches her to hold her in time. They both strike a moment.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni fears that Suyash will break down on knowing her truth. She shares her dilemma with Niyati. She tells Niyati that she can’t break Suyash’s trust and dreams, she will leave from Suyash’s life so that he can move on and have a new relation which can complete his family. Niyati tries hard to stop her. Falguni asks her to swear and not tell anything to Suyash. She writes an emotional letter for Suyash. She expresses all her emotions and truths in the letter. She leaves from the house without coming in Suyash’s sight. She wishes Suyash stays happy. Niyati prays to Lord to return Falguni’s happiness. Falguni goes lost and walks on the road. She meets with an accident.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita and Raman get happy and share the news of Raman coming clean to the family. The family gets happy knowing Raman is free from all the blames. They bless Raman and hope the matter gets solved completely. Ishita wants to find the real culprit. Simmi and Parmeet get worried when they see the news of Raman’s freedom from all allegations. Simmi asks Parmeet if Raghav has ruined their game. She tells him that they should punish Raghav for troubling them. Raghav threatens Parmeet about informing police about his plan. Parmeet asks him why did he kill Tania, which was not part of the plan. Raghav tells him that he will send Simmi and him to police. Simmi scolds him and asks him to do anything he wants. Raghav gets angry on them and thinks to take revenge from them.


Priyanka rejoices that finally her big day has come. She gets ready as the bride. Shivay gets emotional seeing her. She asks him to console himself and not cry after she goes. Shivay surprises her by hugging her. Omkara and Rudra get a shock seeing Shivay’s proper hug. They wonder if this is any dream. Obros have emotional moment with Priyanka. Obros take selfie with their beloved sister and takes her to the mandap. Priyanka meets her groom Daksh. The dream wedding finally gets a kick start. Daksh gets happy to be close to his motives of becoming Oberois’ son-in-law. Tia assures Shivay that Daksh will keep Priyanka happy forever. He tells her that Daksh has no option than to keep Priyanka happy. He doesn’t want Daksh to hurt Priyanka ever. Dadi guides Shivay to perform the rituals.


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