Mayavi Maling: Pranali’s big sacrifice to leave Angad stunned

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Shil Aditya feels guilty that he has attacked Eshwarya. He locks himself inside the room. He stays depressed and loses belief in himself. Rajmata tries hard to cheer him and explain that it was not his fault. He stays in shock. He cries out his pain over the incident. He feels ashamed to think how he tried to harm Eshwarya. Pranali and Angad return to the palace and learn about Eshwarya in danger. Angad scolds Madhumali for risking Eshwarya’s life for having fun. He tells her that he is using Pranali for his motives, he has to reach to the lake to finish its existence. Haran overhears their conversation and gets angry on Madhumali for using him against Eshwarya. Pranali gets to see Eshwarya’s state and turns worried for her. Eshwarya gets a new life after having lake water. Shil Aditya regrets seeing Eshwarya in unconscious state. He learns that she will recover soon.

Meanwhile, Adhivanth apologizes to Garima for breaking her heart. He makes Arak apologize to her as well. They get friends. Garima realizes Angad’s brothers are not evil like her. Haran confronts Madhumali for trying to harm Eshwarya. Madhumali gets angry on him and uses her powers to target him. She asks him to decide if he wants her support or suffer. Angad looks for Pranali. She plans something shocking for him. He follows her to meet. She cages him inside a magical cell to limit his demonic powers. She tells him that she has understood his evil intentions, that he wants to use her against Maling lake. She tells Angad that she has to oppose him as he left no other option for her. She gets angry on Angad for attacking her family. She tells him that she can tolerate anything, but can’t see her family in pain. He laughs on her kiddish move and tries to get out of the cage. He gets a huge shock when he is thrown back inside the cage. He gets bound by the cage bars.

He asks Pranali if she can tolerate his pain. She tells him that his motives are clear to her now and she will not let him win by finishing the pure Maling lake powers. She decides to make a big sacrifice by cutting off her hands, which would fail Angad’s motives of using her against her own kingdom. She tells him that he won’t be able to access the secret door without her hand prints. She asks Angad to witness her sacrifice. Angad asks her not to be mad. Pranali takes a big risk and goes on to cut off her hands to fail Angad and Madhumali’s deadly trap. She thinks this is the only way the demons can be kept away from the holy place of spiritual lake. Pranali tells him that she will never let him ruin Maling. Angad worries for her and bears the pain to save her. He clashes with the cage and suffers in an attempt to reach her. Angad’s powers gets locked inside the cage. Pranali tells him that she won’t stop at any cost. He uses his demonic powers to break the cage. Angad gets failing. He finds Pranali in big danger. He fears that Pranali may ruin his dreams as well.







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