Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli finds an alliance to fix up Nandini

Silsila: Rajdeep's disguise, Mauli's denial and more...

Kunal, Mauli and Nandini have fun at the restaurant. Kunal can’t take his eyes off Nandini. He likes her smiling face. He wants Nandini to step in a new life. He feels helpless by his emotions He gets staring at Nandini, and loses focus on Mauli. He compliments Nandini for her new look. Nandini cracks jokes and makes them laughs. Mauli asks Nandini to always keep smiling. They have dinner. Nandini meets her old friend Manas. Mauli knows him well. Mauli tells Kunal about Manas, who had a crush on Nandini. She says fate has brought him back. She tries to bring Nandini and Manas closer. She finds him suitable for Nandini. Manas boasts of himself and his achievements in life.

Mauli too praises Manas and tells Kunal that Manas is really sincere, and would keep Nandini happy. Manas tells them that he came for a date, but the girl didn’t turn up, thankfully Nandini is here. He tells them that he is still single, since he didn’t get the girl he loved. He was in love with Nandini.

Mauli understands his gestures. Mauli knows that Manas likes Nandini a lot. She tries to push Nandini towards the alliance. She feels Nandini will be happy after marrying Manas, who is financially stable and famous. Kunal gets jealous.

He doesn’t want Nandini to accept Manas in her life. He has fallen in love with Nandini. Mauli sends Nandini with Manas for dance. Kunal sees Nandini and Manas dancing. Nandini shows some dance moves. Kunal gets irritated and takes Mauli and Nandini home. He hides his real feelings from Mauli. He warns her against fixing Nandini’s alliance with anyone. Mauli stays clueless about Kunal’s feelings for Nandini.


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