YHM, Ruhi thanks Roshni

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas to learn about Roshni’s disappearance

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Parmeet informs Simmi that Raghav is threatening him. Raghav calls up Parmeet. He asks Parmeet for money so that he can save himself from police. He gets scared that he will get caught. He tells Parmeet that he will expose him in front of the family if his demands aren’t fulfilled. Parmeet lies to Raghav that he isn’t at home. Raghav knows Parmeet is lying and goes to check for him at Bhalla house, where Roshni confronts him. He attacks Roshni and tries to escape. Roshni gets beaten up, even when she tries to defend the attacks. Her child’s life falls in danger. Roshni is found injured by the hospital.

They rush her to the hospital and learn about her critical state. Doctor asks Bhallas to make a choice between Roshni and her child, as they can’t save both. Mrs. Bhalla chooses the baby’s life, while Ishita and Raman opt for Roshni. Luckily, both Roshni and her child get saved, which brings a new happiness in Bhalla family.

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Roshni decides to leave Bhalla house to ease out life for Aaliya. She sees the family dancing and celebrating the baby’s coming. Simmi and Parmeet call the neighbors home and try to spoil the fun. They make the neighbors call the baby illegitimate. The neighbors ask Raman if they accepted the illegitimate child, how can they hide the fact that Adi and Roshni weren’t married. Raman and Ishita get appointed, and defend the baby. They ask the neighbors to stop taunting and bless the family. Raman sends off the troubling neighbors.

Bhallas’ happiness get down. Raman and Ishita don’t want the baby to be called illegitimate. Aaliya looks for Roshni, when the pandit calls the baby’s mum for the naming ceremony. Aaliya tells Ishita that Roshni was feeling unwell and went to her room to rest, but she isn’t there. She doesn’t find Roshni anywhere in the house. Bhallas learn that Roshni has left. Ishita thinks how will they do the baby’s Naamkaran without Roshni.


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