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A goon takes disguise of a doctor and tries to attack Amaya. Biji sees him and asks what is he injecting to Amaya. The goon attacks the family. Vivaan doesn’t know who is plotting this conspiracy. It will be soon revealed that Roma is behind the evil planning. Vivaan saves Amaya’s life once again.

Colonel realizes that someone has stolen the device from his study. He asks the guests and staff to cooperate with them and help them in finding the thief. Chakor worries that she will be caught. Deva checks everyone to catch the thief. Chakor’s turn comes next. She gets worried and thinks she is completely gone. Suraj has won Colonel’s trust. He acts to get drunk and falls near Chakor to save her. He gets the device from her, before Deva checks her for the stolen device. Naina takes Suraj with her and makes him rest. Suraj and Chakor succeed in their plan.

Krishna Chali London:
Dubey is sent to jail by Shukla. Dubey gets much humiliated by Shukla. Krishna comes to meet her dad. She gets a huge shock on knowing about his suicide attempt. Dubey cuts his wrist to give up his life. The family rushes him to the hospital. Krishna can’t tolerate Shukla hurting her dad. Shukla takes revenge from Krishna, since she has sent Gajanan to jail. Dubey can’t bear the taunts and humiliation. He was tortured in the jail as well. Krishna keeps the house mortgaged to bail out her dad. She didn’t imagine that her dad will take such an extreme step. She understands his fragile mental state. Radhe sees Krishna and her family in trouble. He thinks Shukla has done much wrong with Dubey. Radhe knows Dubey is a good person, and didn’t deserve to see this day. Radhe decides to stand against Shukla. He believes Krishna and her family is right on their front.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Bhoomi gets Vedika there and provokes her to confess love. Vedika slaps Bhoomi. Bhoomi realizes that Vedika loves Sahil. She plans to make Vedika fall unconscious and take her away to Sahil, so that Sahil can express his feelings to Vedika and recreates their love moments. Sahil returns to his normal self. Vedika learns his truth that he was faking madness to get her. She gets upset with him. He thinks to apologize and make up for his mistake. He plans a surprise for Vedika. He decorates the place with Vedika and his photo collages. Sahil gets a cute cake for Vedika.


Shivay reaches the chawl where Anika’s marriage is happening with Nikhil. He claims that Anika loves him and has an affair with him. Nikhil believes Shivay. He refuses to marry Anika. Anika pleads to Nikhil and asks him not to believe Shivay. Anika gets blamed by everyone. Anika’s aunt insults her. Gauri supports Anika, knowing she can’t be wrong. Shivay defames Anika in front of everyone. Shivay makes sure that Anika’s marriage breaks, as she has broken Priyanka’s marriage. Anika cries and asks Nikhil not to leave from the mandap, Shivay is lying because of his grudge. Shivay presents some videos and evidences against Anika, to prove that Anika had a relation with him. Nikhil feels shattered. He doesn’t understand how to believe Anika after seeing the videos.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren comes back home. He runs away from the hospital to meet Pooja once. He has many questions in mind. He wants to know why did Pooja trouble him. Pooja thinks he is Angraj and runs away being scared of him. She falls down. Naren lends her support. He worries seeing the marks on her face and asks how did she get hurt. He cries seeing her wounds. She realizes he is Naren and hugs him. She gets upset with him and asks why did he leave her. Naren apologizes to her. They get close again and spend some time together. They have an emotional moment.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
David locks up doors so that Kulfi doesn’t run away. Kulfi sings and dances with him. She shares her happiness with him, assuming him to be her father. David gets tired of dancing. He asks her to take some rest. She tells him that it was her dream to find her dad, she has come to Mumbai just to meet her dad. She expresses her happiness. Kulfi is cheated. David is helpless to keep Kulfi and tolerate her. Kulfi doubts on David as he can’t sing well. She recollects Nimrat’s words that her dad is a big singer. She thinks David can’t even sing properly, how can he be her dad. She gets heartbroken thinking its a big lie.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:

Kanchan sits in the Jhanki and becomes a part of the royal procession. Kanchan performs the rituals to keep up Rajmata’s heart and trust. She doesn’t want to cheat Rajmata by disobeying her and deceiving devotion. Rajmata shows her trust in Kanchan. She introduces Kanchan to everyone. She feels proud of Vishesh’s choice. Vishesh and Kanchan celebrate their love happily with the family’s support.

Meri HaniKarak Biwi:

Devina succeeds to make Ira and Akhilesh away. She fools Pushpa and makes her believe that Ira is Akhilesh’s enemy, who ruined his life. She asks Pushpa to stop the reversal surgery, else they may lose Akhilesh forever. Pushpa gets scared for her son’s life, and misunderstands Ira. She stops Akhilesh’s reversal and slaps Ira. She gets angry on Ira for cheating them till now. She falls in Devina’s words and ruins Ira and Akhilesh’s dream by taking Akhilesh away.


Aditya falls in love with Zoya. She tells him that he is her best friend, he is much precious for her. Aditya realizes his love for Zoya when she goes away from him. Aditya plans to propose Zoya. Zoya falls in danger and tries to get help. She shouts for help when her breath starts weakening. She gets suffocated inside the locked car. Aditya looks for Zoya everywhere on the stormy night. Aditya realizes that he can’t afford to lose her ever. Aditya will find Zoya and make an intense love confession.


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