Ishq Mein Marjawa (PicFiction): Aarohi’s search for truth to lead to Deep


Aarohi wants to find the truth. She wants to know who has plotted against her, did Deep cheat her once again or is Tara manipulating once again. She gets a letter from a well wisher. She finds an address in it. She goes to meet the person. She doesn’t see anyone else than Deep. She doubts on Deep. She searches for the culprit. She tries to know how her life got ruined. She thinks why did Deep cheat her when he really loved her. She gets surrounded by her questions. She gets help by Sudha. Sudha takes Aarohi to her home. She tells Aarohi that she got hidden from police as well.

On the other hand, Deep showers love on Tara. He gives her the locker keys and tells her that house owner will keep the keys. He asks her to manage all the responsibilities. Tara tells him that they will together manage all the duties. They have a sweet moment of love.


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