Krishna Chali London: Radhe’s hearty surprise to turn Krishna emotional

Krishna Chali London to highlight Radhe-Krishna's romance

Gajanan and Lali come home with Shukla. The family stays unhappy with Krishna. Krishna bears the taunts. She tries to tell them that she is leaving the house. She gets a wonderful surprise from her siblings, who come there to wish her on her birthday. Radhe gets happy that its Krishna’s birthday. He makes a request to Krishna and asks her to stay back at least till they celebrate her birthday. Krishna worries seeing the house situation and asks her family members to leave. Radhe asks Krishna not to disappoint anyone and cut the cake. Krishna unwillingly cuts the cake, which angers Shukla and his wife. Shukla decides to do something to settle scores with Krishna. He doesn’t forget the humiliation which resulted by Krishna’s complaint. He thinks of targeting Krishna’s dad Dubey and put him behind bars so that Krishna knows the pain of bearing humiliation.

Krishna and Radhe celebrate her birthday. Shukla gets angry when some neighbors mock him over Gajanan’s arrest. Radhe asks Krishna not to leave him on her birthday. She vents out her frustration. She tells him that she feels suffocated in the house where humans are treated like animals.

She asks Radhe to free her if he wants her good. Krishna then accepts his request and goes with him to celebrate her birthday. He takes her to Saajan’s house where he does decorations to remind her of her dad’s house. Krishna gets delighted with the homely feel. She can’t thank Radhe enough. He tells her that he wanted to please her heart. She gets emotional and enjoys the birthday surprise. Radhe makes sure that Krishna always holds memories of her birthday. Shukla learns that Radhe and Krishna are out of home for celebrations. Shukla wants to take revenge any how. He is sure to ruin Krishna’s happiness.


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