Pooja tries to find Naren

Piyaa Albela: Naren returns to unite with Pooja

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Naren comes back home. He runs away from the hospital to meet Pooja once. He has many questions in mind. He wants to know why did Pooja trouble him. Pooja thinks he is Angraj and runs away being scared of him. She falls down. Naren lends her support. He worries seeing the marks on her face and asks how did she get hurt. He cries seeing her wounds. She realizes he is Naren and hugs him. She gets upset with him and asks why did he leave her. Naren apologizes to her. They get close again and spend some time together. They have an emotional moment.

Naren wipes her tears and assures to set everything fine. He believes Pooja when she reveals how Angraj has threatened her about his life. She tells him that she was playing along Angraj’s game to defeat him and reach Naren.

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Pooja and Naren get happy to get each other back. They sort out their differences. He tells her that he will bring out Angraj’s truth in such a way that the family’s sentiments don’t get hurt. He worries for Supriya’s reaction on knowing that Angraj is alive and plotted the big game to get Pooja. Naren and Pooja want to expose Angraj, Surbhi and Rahul. They wish Danish recovers and helps them in the big task. Danish was the only person who knows Angraj’s truth. Pooja wants Danish to testify against Angraj.






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