High-octane drama lined in Zee’s Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya


Kundali Bhagya:
Karan and Preeta ask Dr. Seema to tell the truth. Inspector tells that they will arrest Sherlyn after her statement. Preeta tells Dr. Seema that Sherlyn is betraying an innocent family. Dr. Seema gives the statement that Sherlyn came to her hospital, but she is not pregnant, she just had food poisoning. She is helpless and gives the wrong statement to save her family from Sherlyn’s captivity. Sherlyn has threatened her on call that her family is in her captivity and she will kill them if she opens her mouth. Hearing Dr. Seema’s lie, Prithvi relaxes. Karan and Preeta are shocked and asks Dr. Seema to tell the truth. Dr. Seema maintains the same statement in front of police. Kareena gets angry at Preeta and Karan for trying to malign Sherlyn’s reputation. Karan is more adamant to expose Sherlyn.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi wonders why Tanu called King and Pragya to Purab and Disha’s anniversary. Tanu tells him that Pragya praised her husband a lot and says if she comes there then she will praise him again, you couldn’t bear it, I will ask them not to come. Abhi asks her to let them come. Pragya and King come to the party. Tanu challenges Pragya to prove that she is not having any feelings for Abhi and is happy with King. Pragya and King dance in the party. Tanu dances with Abhi. Tanu and Disha make Pragya and Abhi dance with each other ruining Tanu’s plans. Pragya and Abhi get emotional while dancing. King realizes Pragya is hiding something from him.



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