Ishqbaaz: Shivay makes a stormy move to ruin Anika’s life


Anika apologizes to Nikhil’s parents. Nikhil’s mum forgives her and understands the need of the hour when Anika had to leave the shagun ceremony and rush to save Payal’s life. She brings Shagun for Anika and completes the rituals. She asks Anika to get dressed as the bride. Gauri and Sahil dance happily and celebrate Anika’s wedding. During Anika and Nikhil’s wedding, Shivay makes a stormy entry to ruin Anika’s life. He lies to Nikhil about Anika and his affair, by providing evidences. Nikhil rages on Anika’s cheat and abandons her in the mandap. He angrily refuses to marry Anika.

Anika confronts Shivay about his move of ruining her life without any reason. Shivay tells her that he will personally show her the reason behind his anger. She asks him why did he defame her and break her marriage. He tells Anika that she has done the same with Priyanka and she isn’t regretting for it till now. Shivay takes her home to show Priyanka in coma state, which shocks Anika. Shivay then drags Anika to the temple.


Shivay angrily marries Anika. He fills sindoor and makes her wear the mangalsutra. They follow all the rituals and get married in presence of a pandit. They exchange garlands. He then throws away the garlands and gets leaving. He questions her character. She begs him to stop. He tells her that though he married her, he will not give her any rights of a wife to her, she will only have an identity of being his mistress. He humiliates her to the core to ruin her happiness. Anika gets a huge shock and bears the torments. He leaves her in the temple and rushes away. Anika loses her senses by his decision.


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