High Point Drama in Jiji Maa and Muskaan

Jiji Maa: A baby’s entry to bring big twists in Rawat family

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After solving the child trafficking, Rawats return home. Uttara plans honeymoon trips for Suyash-Falguni and Vidhaan-Niyati. The couples ask Uttara and Jayant to accompany them as well. The entire family plan a trip to Singapore. Uttara tells them that they have to leave for the airport. Vidhaan and Suyash face a new drama when a baby girl is left by someone. They get a mysterious letter and learn that the baby belongs to Mr. Rawat. They get tensed. Vidhaan tells Uttara that he is feeling sick, he will rest at home by taking medicines. He asks Uttara to make khichdi for him. Uttara asks him not to worry, he will get fine. Falguni and Niyati worry for Vidhaan. He makes weird excuses. He isn’t unwell and avoids medicines. Vidhaan and Suyash realize that the girl don’t belong to them. They go to ask Jayant if he liked any lady or had an affair with someone.

Jayant asks them have they lost their minds that they are doubting on their dad. He scolds them for their mad questions. He asks them to get ready so that they can reach airport on time. They fail to tell the problem to Jayant.

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Niyati goes to her room and finds a video playing. She sees Vidhaan and Suyash’s talk in the video and realizes Vidhaan is lying to cancel their Singapore trip. She wonders what’s the problem that Vidhaan and Suyash are avoiding the trip. She shares the matter with Falguni. Falguni asks Suyash if something is bothering him. He doesn’t tell her about the baby girl. Uttara tells Falguni that this time she wants to celebrate good family time, but she has no idea why her sons are not willing to come on the trip.

Vidhaan and Suyash tell their wives that the baby isn’t of any of them. They hope their parents and wives believe them. Vidhaan gives silly excuses and clears that he didn’t have any affair. Niyati shows belief in him. He feels pressurized that everyone is suspecting him, as Suyash’s character has always been clean. Suyash wants to find the baby’s father.







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