Krishna Chali London: Radhe to confess love to Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Prashant to return in Krishna’s life

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Krishna returns to her dad’s house. Shukla sends Dubey to jail by complaining about his fake medical degree and unofficial clinic. Dubey gets arrested. He faces much insult and tortures. Krishna worries when she is asked to arrange the bail. She thinks to mortgage her house, but Radhe stops her. Radhe finds a way when he hears someone telling about a wrestling match, where he will be paid on getting beaten up and losing to the wrestler. Radhe agrees for taking up pain in order to get money to help Krishna. Radhe hides this matter from Krishna and goes away.

Prashant meets Krishna and learns the matter. Krishna worries for Dubey. Prashant tells her that he will try to bail out Dubey. Krishna doesn’t want to take help from him. Prashant reminds her their past relation, how she depended him on everything and trusted him. She also reminds him how he obeyed Dubey and left her. He explains her that he was asked to leave her for the sake of her happiness, and how Dubey has emotionally blackmailed him. Krishna gets in a dilemma when he confesses love to her.

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Elsewhere, Radhe fights a wrestling match to get 10 lakhs for arranging Dubey’s bail amount. He gets much beaten up. He gets ready to do anything for Krishna’s sake. He can’t see her worried. Radhe gets the money and goes to get Dubey bailed out. He learns that Prashant has already paid the money and bailed out Dubey. He comes home to know the matter. He sees Prashant with Krishna. He bears the pain of his injuries and gets angry. He overhears Krishna and Prashant’s argument. He wants to ask Krishna who is Prashant, and why is he at her home. Krishna tells Radhe that Prashant is her friend. Krishna is upset with Prashant, since he had run away and didn’t help her. Prashant tries to impress Krishna once again. He wants Krishna back in his life. He creates problems for Krishna and Radhe.






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