Madhumali returns for revenge

Mayavi Maling: Madhumali prepares to turn Haran into a demon

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Eshwarya tells Antara about Shil Aditya. Chegu meets Eshwarya and hides her worry for her. He gets to see her and acts annoyed. He feels she has chosen her luxuries over love. Antara tells him that Shil Aditya is missing. Chegu gets a shock and asks Eshwarya to allow him to kill Angad. She tells him that they need Angad to do the rituals of the sacred lake, they can’t kill him. Madhumali proposes Haran to become a demon. He asks her if this is possible. She gets glad that he is agreeing to walk on her path. She falls for Haran. Antara and Chegu try hard to meditate using their powers and find Shil Aditya.

Antara tells Eshwarya that she didn’t find Shil Aditya who is out of reach of her powers. She tells Eshwarya that Shil Aditya is alive, that’s the only sign she can get. Shil Aditya’s daughter fall weak without him and cry in his memory. Madhumali tells Angad that he will soon be guided by his dad to control the Maling lake entirely. He gets many questions.

Madhumali answers him and clears his doubts. She tells him that Marekeyasur will give him the weapon to counter Dev Vanshis. Madhumali prepares Haran to become a demon. She hides the fact from Angad. Angad experiments his powers. On the other hand, Haran also tries to use the powers and check if he has turned into a demon. Angad looks for Madhumali. He reaches Madhumali and finds her alone, since she hides Haran from him. Angad tells Pranali that he has no idea about Shil Aditya. She fails to trust her husband. Angad tells Pranali that she should prepare for the special rituals of the lake. Pranali tells Eshwarya that she will take her along for the rituals. Eshwarya worries that their world is shattering. They share their sorrow.







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