Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Rajdeep to plot Nandini’s MMS scandal

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep's evil

Kunal gets angry at Mauli’s friend who tells poetry looking at Nandini. They come home. Mauli sees her Servant crying and asks what happened. The servant tells her that her sister’s husband is in love with someone else. She asks if it is easy for a man to love his wife and then fall in love with another woman. Kunal is shocked to hear a similar story like them. He looks at Nandini and his dilemma continues. Kunal realizes that he can’t be in love with two people at the same time. He questions his true love for Mauli and falls in his own sight. He thinks of limiting his feelings for Nandini, since that will shame his love for Mauli.

Rajdeep leaks Nandini’s MMS to defame her, after her rejection. Kunal gets into a fight with Rajdeep. He can’t tolerate Nandini’s humiliation. Kunal gets injured. Mauli takes care of his wounds. She feels bad for Nandini. Kunal bears the pain.

Nandini also feels Kunal’s pain and apologizes to him. Dida tells hem that she asked them to give a chance to Rajdeep, but now she has realized that Rajdeep doesn’t deserve any chance now. She asks Nandini not to forgive Rajdeep, since he has crossed all limits now. Kunal tells Mauli that he had to teach a lesson to Rajdeep. Mauli doesn’t hold Nandini responsible for the problems. She is very understanding friend and wants to protect Nandini. Kunal controls his feelings. He wants to be loyal towards Mauli.


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