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Piyaa Albela:
Angraj gets admitted in the hospital. Naren takes advantage of his absence and meets Pooja. Rahul sees him and asks how did he come back so soon. Naren starts acting like Angraj. Naren and Rahul get into a big fight. Naren gets against Rahul and smashes wine on his face, which makes the latter believe him as Angraj. Naren fears of losing Pooja. Naren secretly sneaks in to the house and spends time with Pooja. She assures him that they will expose Angraj and Rahul. Pooja is going to marry Angraj. She will fool him and marry Naren once again. Pooja and Mahek’s marriage twist will be seen in the Mahasangam episode.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

David wants to get Kulfi so that his wife can revive their life’s happiness. He thinks a child can fill life in his wife’s sorrowful state. Kulfi rebels on knowing David’s lie. She begs him to let her go to Sikandar. He asks her to shut up and sit quiet, else he will punish her. He tells her that he is her dad from now and she has to live with him and his wife. Kulfi prays that she gets saved. David goes for work and locks up Kulfi again. David gets mad and wants Kulfi to cooperate with them.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Rajdeep leaks Nandini’s MMS to defame her, after her rejection. Kunal gets into a fight with Rajdeep. He can’t tolerate Nandini’s humiliation. Kunal gets injured. Mauli takes care of his wounds. She feels bad for Nandini. Kunal bears the pain. Nandini also feels Kunal’s pain and apologizes to him. Dida tells hem that she asked them to give a chance to Rajdeep, but now she has realized that Rajdeep doesn’t deserve any chance now. She asks Nandini not to forgive Rajdeep, since he has crossed all limits now. Kunal tells Mauli that he had to teach a lesson to Rajdeep. Mauli doesn’t hold Nandini responsible for the problems. She is very understanding friend and wants to protect Nandini. Kunal controls his feelings. He wants to be loyal towards Mauli.

Jiji Maa:
After solving the child trafficking, Rawats return home. They face a new drama when a baby girl is left by someone. They get a mysterious letter and learn that the baby belongs to Mr. Rawat. The men get tensed. Vidhaan and Suyash tell their wives that the baby isn’t of any of them. They hope their parents and wives believe them. Vidhaan gives silly excuses and clears that he didn’t have any affair. Niyati shows belief in him. He feels pressurized that everyone is suspecting him, as Suyash’s character has always been clean. Suyash wants to find the baby’s father. Vidhaan makes excuses and stays back at home when the ladies plan an outing.

Harman makes a shocking decision. He realizes how Nani has added the love herb in the milk and tried to bring him closer to Soumya. He declares in the house that nobody shall interfere in Soumya and his personal matter, he will decide when to have a child, he didn’t give any right to anyone to command them. He tells Nani that he won’t have a child at her behest. He upsets Nani. Preeto slaps him and loses her cool. Nani stops Preeto and instead slaps her. Nani gets unwell by the drama. Harman and Soumya get worried for Nani’s health. Nani makes Harman away. She turns sorrowful by Harman’s decision. Harman gets adamant. He asks Nani not to have such wishes, that will only hurt her heart.

Shivay angrily marries Anika. He fills sindoor and makes her wear the mangalsutra. They follow all the rituals and get married in presence of a pandit. They exchange garlands. He then throws away the garlands and gets leaving. He questions her character. She begs him to stop. He tells her that though he married her, he will not give her any rights of a wife to her, she will only have an identity of being his mistress. He humiliates her to the core to ruin her happiness. Anika gets a huge shock and bears the torments. He leaves her in the temple and rushes away. Anika loses her senses by his decision.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Aayat tries to take away Mariam. When she senses that she is getting caught, she pretends like she has got Mariam back. She fakes a story seeing the police with Majaaz. She tells them that she has stolen some money from Aijaz to pay the ransom to kidnappers and gets Mariam back. The family believes that Aayat is Mariam’s savior. Aayat tells them that she risked her life and saved Mariam from the fire. Aayat didn’t know that goons will put Mariam’s life in risk. She didn’t intend Mariam to get hurt, as Mariam is important for her for Jibraan’s operation. She becomes positive in everyone’s sight. Aayat also gets emotional for Mariam, thinking just Mariam can save her son’s life.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Bhoomi and Arya support Sahil in his surprise plans. Sahil tells them that he wants to touch Vedika’s heart by pleasing her. Manjula ruins Sahil’s surprise. Sahil gets angry on her. He threatens of committing suicide. He gets a knife and puts at his neck. He does a suicide drama. He tells Manjula that if he stabs himself, he will hold her responsible and then send her to jail. He scares her telling about the worse life in jail. Manjula gives up and lets him alone. Sahil waits for Vedika to come and witness the surprise.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara support each other in low times. They try to become an ideal couple. Zara cheers him up. They have a romantic moment. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He doesn’t know how Zara is dealing with the problems. Miraj threatens Zara again. He makes Zara fall down and taunts. Zara gives him a solid reply. On the other hand, Zeenat tells Zara that Miraj has kidnapped Amaan. She begs Zara to leave the house and fulfill Miraj’s conditions, as its about Amaan’s life now. She wants her son back. Zara assures her that she will bring back Amaan safely. Zara tries to protect family from Miraj.


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