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Ranbir and Kritika get flashes of their past life. After much drama, Kritika remembers everything and calls Ranbir as Rishi. She tells that she came to fulfill their Kasam. Ranbir asks are you Tanu? Kritika smiles. Ranbir hugs her. They both smile. The show is ending with Kritika and Ranbir’s union.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rishabh tells Vijay that it is their responsibility to help Puri uncle as he is Rithvik’s would be father-in-law. Vijay tells him that he doesn’t want this alliance to break due to any stupid misunderstanding, and tells that he feels Ananya is the right girl for Rithvik. Rithvik and Palak realize their feelings while uniting Rohit and Sethu.

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Savitri Devi:
Veer gets sad after his engagement with Mishti. He takes out his pain in the room. Later, Veer and Mishti exchange garlands. Sanchi is worried for Veer and comes to Malhotra Mansion. She sees Mishti as the bride and recalls their conversation in the temple. She gets shocked. Veer and Mishti get married.

Bitti Business Wali:
Mahi plans to marry Bitti and then leave her. He wants to insult her the same way Dadi insulted his father Laddo Singh and his brother Kashi. Bitti gets shocked to know about his plans. She tells him that she was not aware of Dadi’s plan and is innocent. Mahi gets married to Bitti forcibly keeping her family captive on gunpoint.

Zoya decides to tell Aditya what he means to her. She says you are my best friend and your friendship means a lot to me. Anjana worries if Aditya knows about Sakshi who is in her captivity. Aditya comes to Zoya and apologizes, on seeing her getting dressed. Zoya says I am done and asks him to come in. Aditya compliments her looks in a saree and asks her to wear saree often as it suits her. Zoya says she will wear the saree when they go to watch a movie. Aditya and Zoya smile looking at each other.

Mayavi Maling:
Eshwarya and Garima try to find Shil Aditya, while Pranali manages the kingdom responsibilities. Eshwarya goes to Kalkivan to seek help from Antara. She tells Antara that Shil Aditya went missing from the palace. Antara tries to use her Agnishakti and find Shil Aditya. She fails to find any clue about him and tells Eshwarya that she can’t help him. Angad stops Pranali from finding Shil Aditya. He reminds her that they have to perform the important rituals of the sacred lake, which can’t be missed for any reason. He reminds her Shil Aditya’s words regarding the rituals and asks her to accompany him for the purpose. Pranali gets tensed about taking Angad to the sacred lake.

Tu Aashiqui:
KK really finds Pankti’s voice good. He gives her an offer to sing for Monty’s music company Rhythm. Pankti gets excited to get a good offer and shares the news with Ahaan, who congratulates her. Ahaan informs Rangoli about Pankti’s big break. Rangoli can’t bear any competition. She wonders how did Pankti manage to become association member and get work so soon. She sounds happy in front of Ahaan and then makes plans against Pankti. Rangoli gets jealous of Pankti and decides to snatch everything from Pankti. She determines to snatch Ahaan from Pankti, which would ruin Pankti’s life completely.

Kunal gets angry at Mauli’s friend who tells poetry looking at Nandini. They come home. Mauli sees her Servant crying and asks what happened. The servant tells her that her sister’s husband is in love with someone else. She asks if it is easy for a man to love his wife and then fall in love with another woman. Kunal is shocked to hear a similar story like them. He looks at Nandini and his dilemma continues.

Meri HaniKarak Biwi:

Devina plans to insult Ira on her return. She doesn’t let Pushpa talk to Akhilesh. She makes Akhilesh believe that everything got fine between Ira and him, and even his reversal got completed. Akhilesh gets on cloud nine thinking his life is back on right track. He plans a surprise for Ira. He decides to ask Vallabh for Ira’s hand. He wants to marry Ira. Devina ruins his plans by humiliating Ira in front of Vallabh. She then reveals that Akhilesh’s reversal didn’t happen. Akhilesh gets a huge shock on knowing Pushpa’s big blunder.


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