Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa to sort our past difference with mutual admiration

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Raman and Ishita meet the inspector and learn the truth behind Raghav’s crimes and death. He reveals to them that Raghav planned to help Tania in the fake suicide attempt as told by Simmi and Parmeet. Raghav sets things so that Tania hangs to the fan, but doesn’t get killed. He then gets greedy for money and thinks to kill Tania in order to get the huge amount. Raghav commits the murder and then hangs Tania to show it as a suicide. Inspector tells Raman that Raghav planned the fake suicide, but ended up killing Tania for the sake of money. He frees Raman from all the blames. She asks Raman if he doubts on anyone who can frame him. Ishita wants to name Simmi, but Raman doesn’t let her name Simmi and Parmeet. He tells Ishita that its a big day for them, and he doesn’t want police at home for any reason. He plans to celebrate the baby’s coming happily with entire family. He feels the baby is really auspicious for them, as he got free from dirty allegations. Bhallas and Iyers plan a grand welcome for the baby.

Parmeet tells Simmi how police has found Raghav’s crimes. He asks Simmi to behave normal, so that they don’t get caught. Simmi blames Parmeet for always brainwashing her and using her against the family, knowing she hates Raman and Ishita. She tells him that she is doing everyone on his saying. She angers Parmeet by her speech. The family welcomes Roshni and her child. Roshni steps back to make Aaliya perform the rituals with the baby. The family gets big happiness.

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Raman and Ishita realize that Roshni is intentionally distancing herself from the baby. The family decides to keep a puja for the baby and also thinks of baby names. Everyone comes up with suggestions. Ishita checks on Roshni. Raman apologizes to Ishita for everything. He tells her that whatever she did with Adi was according to the situation, but he reacted as a father, as he lost Adi and got mad for him in the past. He tells Ishita that she connected him with Adi and made them bond. He thanks her for saving Roshni and the child. He apologizes to her for all his bitterness and hatred. She understands him and tells him that he isn’t at fault, as he was in much pain. She apologizing to him for taking Adi’s life to save Roshni. They bond like before and get together to raise Adi’s child. Raman and Ishita sort their differences and unite.


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