Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to learn Yash’s critical illness

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Sahil gets drunk. Bhoomi throws away the wine bottle. Sahil is heartbroken. He creates a drama on the road. Bhoomi suggests that he should dance and get relieved of stress. She dances with Sahil. They are following Yash and Vedika. Sahil doesn’t want to cry for Vedika. He instead vents out his sorrow by drunken dancing. She supports him to make him feel better and forget the tension. She doesn’t want Sahil to hurt himself.

On the other hand, Yash and Vedika are in a compromised relation. Yash gifts a necklace to Vedika. He dances with her. He confesses love to Vedika. Vedika gets a huge shock knowing Yash is suffering from cancer. Yash falls sick while dancing. Vedika worries for him and calls a doctor for his treatment. Yash tells his last wish to Vedika, that he wants his child before his death, so that his child can take his legacy ahead. He asks Vedika to fulfill his last wish, which shocks her.


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