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Piyaa Albela: Pooja doesn’t want Naren to go out. She knows his life is in danger. She points gun at herself and threatens to kill herself if he doesn’t stop. Naren stops her madness and throws away the gun. He asks her not to take advantage of his love. She tells him that its not safe for his life to go out. Pooja and Naren’s flashback moment will be seen. Pooja is his rival in elections. He tells her that she has no right to stop him from going on his campaign. She tries to explain that he will fall in big risk. He asks her what new game is she playing now. Pooja loves him a lot. She can’t see him getting trapped by Angraj. Pooja then shows him the evidence and proves that Angraj is alive. Naren gets a big shock.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Suwarni Dadi tells Abhi that they are not happy after Pragya left. She says your Dadi’s soul must not be happy and tells that first condition of love is forgiveness. She asks him to forgive Pragya and tells that Pragya forgave you many times. Abhi regrets his decision to throw Pragya out of his life.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Meher scolds Mahira for running away with Rihaan and ruining their family respect. Meher stops Mahira and reveals her affair news to Madiha. They both argue, while Madiha gets a huge shock on knowing about Mahira and Rihaan’s affair. Meher tells Mahira that Zain is suitable for her. Mahira doesn’t agree to them. Mahira wants to marry Rihaan. Madiha tells Mahira that she has to give an answer to her brother Wasim, Mahira can’t run away this way by putting them in trouble. Madiha orders Mahira to go for the wedding. She doesn’t want her terms with Wasim to turn ugly, since they reconciled after many years. Madiha fears of losing her Maayka once again. She asks Meher to convince Mahira and get her for Nikaah. Meher gets worried for the family’s situation.


Harman and Soumya start a new business to earn a living. Soumya cooks food, while Harman sells off the food by marketing strategies. He tells everyone that the Pulao is really yummy and at a cheaper price. He sells the home made Pulao. Preeto and Nani come to the temple and see them selling Pulao. Nani gets upset. She says Harman told me that they are going to temple, why did they come here to sell Pulao, what’s the matter. Preeto says I have no idea about them. Nani goes to scold Harman.

Palak tries to take a stand for Roop and tells Principal that it was her mistake. Principal asks her not to lie to save her friend and says I can’t leave this guy. Roop tells Ishika that he knows that she hates him, but she doesn’t know that how much he loves his dreams and education. He blames her for trying to ruin his career and dreams. He tells that his career is in danger, but he will not accept defeat and get back to the college soon. He plans to prove his truth and get the suspension cancelled.

Savitri Devi:
Veer and Mishti get married even after Sanchi requests him not to marry and ruin his life. Mishti sees Sanchi and identifies her to be the woman whom she met in the temple. She asks Sanchi if she is related to Veer. Sanchi looks on. Veer tells that they are not related.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik and Rohit free Palak and Setu from the kidnappers. Rohit’s mum complains to Mamta about Rithvik supporting Rohit and Setu. Mamta tells her that Rithvik didn’t force him, whatever Rohit did was with his wish, Rithvik went there to stop them. Rishabh’s wife tells Mamta that she is afraid of the happenings. Mamta asks when Rishabh is coming. Rishabh’s wife tells that he is boarding the flight.

Kundali Bhagya:
Prithvi fools Karan and Preeta again. Kareena scolds her. Rishabh takes a stand for her and tells about her humble nature. In Dr. Seema’s house, Sherlyn aims gun at Sanju and asks him to complete the work for which he has taken money. Dr. Seema comes there and finds her daughter tied up. Sherlyn and Sanju look at her. Dr. Seema finds the threat on her daughter’s life.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
KK plans to present wrong image of Siddhant in front of Anushka. Siddhant says KK, whatever you did was for money, so first of all, I will snatch your money. Gayatri calls Anushka and asks her not to marry Siddhant. Anushka says you like me then why you don’t want our marriage to happen. Gayatri cries and tells her that she wants to see Siddhant alive. Anushka is shocked. Gayatri tells her that Siddhant’s life is in danger. She asks Anushka not to come for marriage if she wants to see him alive.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita and Raman deal with the neighbor’s taunts. They look for Roshni so that they can do the baby’s naming ceremony. They get Roshni’s letter. Ishita reads the letter and gets a big shock. She tells Raman that Roshni left the new born baby and the entire family. She worries that they can’t manage the baby without Roshni. Ruhi gets angry knowing Roshni’s move. She asks them how could Roshni go, as if she doesn’t love her baby. Raman and Ishita check a gift left by Roshni for the baby. They get emotional hearing Roshni’s letter. She feels bad that Roshni made the sacrifice for Bhallas and Aaliya’s happiness. Ishita thinks Roshni has done injustice with herself this way. Roshni records a lullaby in the toy for her baby. Bhallas feel indebted to Roshni.


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