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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet gets exposed in front of Raman and Ishita. Ishita takes Raman to Raghav’s house. She gets panicking and wishes that nothing wrong happened with Raghav’s family. Ishita tells Raman that Simmi and Parmeet have used the rat poison to kill Raghav’s daughter. She says the girl is kidnapped by Parmeet, we have to save her before they kill the girl and put blame on them. Raman feels disgraced by Simmi’s act. He can’t believe that Simmi can kill someone’s daughter, when she herself lost her daughter. He reprimands Simmi for the kidnapping. Before Raman could stop Simmi, Parmeet shoots and makes way for Simmi to escape. Simmi runs away with Raghav’s daughter.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mahira gets Rihaan’s picture as the groom. She gets happy and comes for the marriage, thinking Zain is kidnapped and Rihaan is her groom now. Mahira then gets a big shock when she sees Zain behind the sehra. She gets caught in the big mess and unwillingly marries Zain. Mahira’s happiness get shattered. Madiha hugs Mahira and thanks her for agreeing to them. She cries happily. She is grateful to Mahira for not ruining their family respect. Mahira stays unhappy. She doesn’t love Zain. The families bond well and hug themselves to congratulate after the Nikaah completes. Mahira and Zain’s marriage finally happens.


Chakor leaves for the mission by putting Saanvi to sleep. She doesn’t want Suraj to fall in trouble. Suraj too wants to protect Chakor from all the dangers. Chakor and other RAW agents reach the pub where Colonel is supposed to meet his aides and discuss his planning. Colonel lays the plan to kill the agents who are spying on him. Colonel sends Suraj to kill the agents. He asks Suraj not to spare the agent who came to his house as the waitress. Chakor keeps an eye on the group meetings happening in the pub. She then finds Deva there and tries to capture him. Deva and the goons then start firing at the RAW agents. Suraj is also at the pub. He wishes Chakor doesn’t come there, as her life will fall in trouble. Chakor has no idea that Colonel is trapping her. She doesn’t see Suraj. Deva shows the suitcase, having the explosives plans. Deva kills the agents.

Piyaa Albela:

Shaurya meets Mahek at the cafe. They both get into a bitter argument. Shaurya makes a leave from there. Mahek attacks Shaurya and hits on his head with a rod. She takes him to his car and puts him in the trunk. Rahul gets to see this. Mahek takes the car. Rahul takes disguise of an inspector to kidnap Mahek. He takes Mahek to Angraj and tells him that he found a bride for Naren. Naren and Pooja try to expose Angraj’s plan. They collect all the evidences to prove Angraj’s truth.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gets injured during the fight with Miraj. Zara hugs him and cries for his wounds. She does the aid to his wounds with much love and care. Kabeer then gets taunting Zara and asks her why didn’t she tell him about Miraj’s evil intentions. He says you always tell me about everything, but you never said about Miraj’s troubling behavior, today he was trying to snatch you from me by giving you a price. He gets angered and blames her for encouraging Miraj. He tells her that her silence has given wrong signs to Miraj, it was her duty to inform her husband about such a cheap-minded person troubling her. He taunts her and asks if she was liking Miraj.


Mauli and Kunal start their morning and make prayers. Kunal gets ready to go to the hospital. Mauli and Kunal plan a vacation with the family. Rajdeep troubles Kunal to take revenge. He meets Mauli and Kunal at their house and ruins their morning. He gets talking cheap and winks to Mauli, while Kunal raises a hand on him for his misbehavior. Rajdeep stops him and accuses him for kidnapping his wife Nandini. He plays a new game and gets police there. He angers Kunal in front of inspector. Kunal faces the kidnapping charges. Mauli denies the accusations and tries to stop the police, but fails. Kunal gets arrested. Mauli falls helpless. Rajdeep ruins their planning and wants them to suffer for their mistake to support Nandini.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil tries to turn Vedika jealous by his friendship with Bhoomi. He gets Bhoomi’s help. Sahil and Bhoomi start acting as a couple in front of Vedika. Vedika gets puzzled. He makes this secret plan to make Vedika realize her love for him. Vedika understands Sahil’s mischief. She asks Sahil not to do this drama, as she knows everything well. Sahil and Bhoomi get upset that Vedika didn’t react as they expected and understood their plan.


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