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Jiji Maa

Tabassum asks Muskaan to get ready and wear the gifted dress since they will part tonight. Muskaan gets happy to get a party from Tabassum’s side and expects some kids to arrive. She gets ready for the party. Rakhi helps her dress up accordingly. Tabassum takes her to the brothel and shows her how they party and dance for the clients. Muksaan receives a big shock on seeing Suzaine and others on the dance floor, wearing flashy clothes. Tabassum reveals to Muskaan that even Aarti is a dancer in their brothel.

Muskaan can’t believe this harsh truth and breaks down. Suzaine informs Aarti that Tabassum has taken Muskaan to the brothel. Aarti gets a big shock. Tabassum tells Muskaan that Aarti has no relatives in the house, they all are workers of the brothel who live together under one roof. Muskaan asks Suzaine if Tabassum is saying true, if Suzaine isn’t her Maasi. Suzaine tells Muskaan that they will always be connected by hearts, even if they aren’t blood related. Muskaan shatters down with this truth.



Shivay doesn’t love Anika. He gets angry on her and tries to ruin her life by forcibly marrying Anika. Gauri gets angered when aunt tells her Shivay’s intentions to marry Anika and make her a mistress. Gauri asks her aunt not to tell anything such. Aunt tells Gauri that Anika didn’t have any sorrow over her broken marriage and went with Shivay, he is her lover and now the world knows this. She gets tainting Anika’s character further. Shivay manages to catch Anika. Anika tells him that she won’t marry him even if she dies. He calls up Gauri and blackmails Anika. He asks Gauri to come to the temple if she wants to find her sister. Gauri rushes to the temple to know what’s happening with Anika. Anika begs Shivay not to tell anything to Gauri. Shivay tells her that he will tell the entire truth to Gauri and give her a shock of her life. Anika asks him not to reveal her mum’s truth to Gauri.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira and Suwarna meet at the engagement function. Naira gets in the party and receives compliments from the guests. Naira saves Dadi’s reputation by coming in the party in time. The guests give much significance to Naira, which angers Suwarna. Naira gels in the family like never before. Suwarna can’t see Kartik and Naira together. Kirti performs Ghumar. Mansi tries to bring Naira and Kartik together. Kirti gets everyone for the dance. They celebrate like always. Kirti imagines Kartik and Naira dancing together. She thinks they would have been such close and bonded if they were together. She feels Suwarna has done much wrong with the lovers, to separate them and ruin their love.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita get insulting the neighbors to give it back to them for insulting Adi’s child. Ishita tells them that they will raise the child with good values, so that the child becomes an ideal for others to follow. They challenge the so called society to wait and watch how Adi’s child flourishes in his life, without any tag of illegitimacy. Raman asks the neighbors to leave from their house. They don’t want any outsider to ruin their family happiness. Roshni tells them that she has not checked anyone’s name suggestions, as she has decided the child’s name already. She tells them that they should name the baby Aditya Bhalla, so that they can get their Adi back.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni has saved the children from the child traffickers. The children and their parents give surprise to Falguni and thank her. The ladies praise Falguni for having so much love within her heart. Uttara also steps in speak good about Falguni. She tells Falguni that her child will be lucky to get her as a mum. Niyati gets surprised seeing a big change in Uttara. Falguni tells her that Uttara apologized to her, but she isn’t able to believe her. Niyati asks her not to forget that Uttara is a criminal, she can never change, she wanted to kill Suyash, whom she raised herself. Niyati and Falguni don’t forgive Uttara.

Uttara acts good towards them. Niyati gets bitter on seeing Uttara getting sweets for them. Uttara tastes the kheer to prove that she added nothing in it. She sheds tears to make them believe her. Vidhaan and Niyati surprise Suyash and Falguni with a Singapore trip. Suyash also has the same gift for Vidhaan. He tells Vidhaan that he knew about this plan, as the travel agent already contacted him. They plan to go on the trip. Uttara tells them that she has booked a cruise for them. The family gets happy and plans a trip together. Niyati stays conscious and feels its Uttara’s trap to take them away.

Falguni tells Niyati that maybe Uttara changed as she saved Uttara’s life. She wants to believe Uttara and give her a chance. Niyati doesn’t agree. Uttara tells them that she has written all her past crime accounts in the letter, which is meant for Suyash and Vidhaan.

She tells them that she is ready to bear Suyash and Vidhaan’s hatred and punishment, as she wants to get rid of her guilt. She tells Falguni that she has changed, since Falguni saved her life. Niyati tells Uttara that she will give the letter to Suyash. Falguni stops Suyash from reading the letter. She tells Niyati that they should give another chance to Uttara, if she doesn’t want to commit any sin further, they should help her leave the wrong path. She asks Niyati to forget Uttara’s past crimes and find a mum in her. Niyati gets convinced on Falguni’s insistence. Uttara promises them that she will love them and become their mum. They have a happy moment with Uttara’s reformation.

Krishna Chali London:

The Tantric is hired by Shukla family. The man tries to make Radhe free of the spirit. He calls Krishna a spirit. Krishna and Radhe get angry on him when he hurts Radhe by his mad methods. Krishna beats up the man and makes him run away. Radhe gets happy seeing Krishna in his defense. He tells her that he liked her batting a lot. Shukla family gets worried seeing Krishna’s angry avatar. Shukla meets the health minister to target Dubey, knowing Dubey doesn’t hold any medical degree to run his clinic. He uses the fact that Dubey isn’t a certified doctor. He asks the minister to help him target Dubey as he has to settle scores with someone. Shukla calls up Dubey and gets praising him, so that no one suspects him in the case. Krishna tells Radhe about her dad, who isn’t a certified doctor, but really cures peoples’ ailments.


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