Silsila MAJOR TWIST: Time for Kunal to face rejection

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Rajdeep plays wicked to get Kunal arrested

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When the society members criticize Nandini over her MMS, she wonders if there is no one made for her, who can take a stand for her dignity. Nandini gets support from Kunal. She gets surprised when Kunal holds her hand and starts defending her boldly. Kunal saves Nandini from the humiliation. He spots Rajdeep, who enjoys withessing the drama. Kunal gets into a fight with Rajdeep. He compels Rajdeep to apologize to Nandini. Kunal and Mauli decide to organize cooking classes to unlock Nandini’s bright future.

Nandini gets happy with their efforts. Nandini’s smile pleases Kunal a lot. Nandini shares her dreams with Mauli. Kunal asks Nandini to start life fresh. Nandini gets dlighted when many ladies show interest in her cooking classes. Rajdeep thinks to meet Kunal and give him a shock.

Mauli and Kunal start their morning and make prayers. Kunal gets ready to go to the hospital. Mauli and Kunal plan a vacation with the family. Rajdeep troubles Kunal to take revenge.

Rajdeep meets Mauli and Kunal at their house and ruins their morning. He gets talking cheap and winks to Mauli, while Kunal raises a hand on him for his misbehavior. Rajdeep stops him and accuses him for kidnapping his wife Nandini. He plays a new game and gets police there. He angers Kunal in front of inspector. Kunal faces the kidnapping charges. Mauli denies the accusations and tries to stop the police, but fails. Kunal gets arrested. Mauli falls helpless. Rajdeep ruins their planning and wants them to suffer for their mistake to support Nandini.






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