Udaan: Vivaan and Imli to unite; Colonel to trap Chakor

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Vivaan gets angered when Imli spits poison regarding Suraj and Chakor. He feels Imli can never change. He tells her that he was thinking to start a new life with her by giving her a last chance to repent for her mistakes, but he was wrong to expect reformation from her, she can never love anyone. He asks her to make a choice and kill Sukor and him, if she wants to hate them her entire life. He asks Imli to end their chapter if her hatred can’t change. Vivaan tells Imli that she can shoot him, and also kill Suraj and Chakor, if its tough for her to end hatred. He tells Imli that if she wants to begin a new life with him, she has to end all the hatred in her heart for everyone related to them. He gives her the gun.

Imli cries and tells Vivaan that she also wants Vivaan back in her life, she wants to reconcile. Imli promises Vivaan that she will become a good hearted Imli, with whom he fell in love. Imli and Vivaan have a sweet and emotional moment. They unite and get together to help SuKor.

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Chakor leaves for the mission by putting Saanvi to sleep. She doesn’t want Suraj to fall in trouble. Suraj too wants to protect Chakor from all the dangers. Chakor and other RAW agents reach the pub where Colonel is supposed to meet his aides and discuss his planning. Colonel lays the plan to kill the agents who are spying on him. Colonel sends Suraj to kill the agents. He asks Suraj not to spare the agent who came to his house as the waitress. Chakor keeps an eye on the group meetings happening in the pub. She then finds Deva there and tries to capture him. Deva and the goons then start firing at the RAW agents. Suraj is also at the pub. He wishes Chakor doesn’t come there, as her life will fall in trouble. Chakor has no idea that Colonel is trapping her. She doesn’t see Suraj. Deva shows the suitcase, having the explosives plans. Deva kills the agents.

Goons surround Chakor and try to take her to Colonel. Chakor gets badly trapped in the wed. Suraj finds the matter getting worse. He couldn’t contact Chakor and tell her. Deva keeps an eye on Suraj.

Chakor worries seeing the agents shot to death. He doesn’t fear for her life. Suraj makes an entry with Colonel. Colonel slaps Chakor and gets into an argument. Chakor reprimands him for taking innocent lives. She calls him a devil. Colonel gets a gun to shoot her. He then changes his mind and gives the gun to Suraj, asking him to shoot Chakor. Suraj then makes a clever plan to save Chakor, which upsets Colonel as well. Suraj aims the gun at Colonel, and shocks him. He tells Colonel that he can’t shoot Chakor. He asks Deva to leave Chakor and let her go. Deva threatens of shooting Chakor.

Suraj frees Colonel and asks Deva to just leave Chakor. Suraj returns the gun to Colonel and cooks up a story. Suraj is sure that Naina will forgive him. Colonel tells Chakor that he will kill the RAW agents and shed blood in the country. He declares all his evil intentions. Colonel doesn’t know that Chakor can sacrifice her life. Chakor asks Colonel to shoot her, but he can’t joke on her patriotism. Suraj gets exposed in front of Colonel. Colonel can’t believe that Suraj cheated him.






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