Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Raman and Simmi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Another twist to leave Raman guilt-stricken

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Raman and Ishita get insulting the neighbors to give it back to them for insulting Adi’s child. Ishita tells them that they will raise the child with good values, so that the child becomes an ideal for others to follow. They challenge the so called society to wait and watch how Adi’s child flourishes in his life, without any tag of illegitimacy. Raman asks the neighbors to leave from their house. They don’t want any outsider to ruin their family happiness. Roshni tells them that she has not checked anyone’s name suggestions, as she has decided the child’s name already. She tells them that they should name the baby Aditya Bhalla, so that they can get their Adi back.

The family dances and celebrates. Roshni meets her baby for the final time and sheds tears. She is happy that the baby will be with the entire family, who would give him much love. She hugs Raman and Ishita with a mind to meet them for the last time. Roshni hugs the family members emotionally. She doesn’t let anyone know about her plan to leave the house. She gets aloof and recalls her journey with Bhallas. She thinks she has to leave from their lives for their good. She feels sorry to lie to Ishita and leave.

She hopes that Ishita understands her move. Roshni bids farewell to Adi and makes a leave from the house. When the Bhallas look for Roshni, they don’t get her. Mihika tells Ishita that baby is hungry, they should call Roshni. Mihika and Ruhi don’t find Ruhi anywhere. They get panicking.

Ishita gets Roshni’s letter and learns that Roshni has left from their lives for their sake. Roshni didn’t wish the matter to get worse for Bhallas. Roshni gets grateful to Bhallas for loving her so much, but she couldn’t see the injustice happening with Aaliya. Ishita breaks the sad news to Raman. Roshni wants Raman and Ishita to raise the baby Adi. Ishita wants to stop Roshni. Raman tells her that they can’t find Roshni, as they have no idea where she could go.

Raman and Ishita head to the airport to see if Roshni is there. They don’t find Roshni and feel bad for the baby, who lost his mum because of them. Ruhi can’t tolerate the baby crying. She gets angry and feels Roshni is selfish to leave the newly born baby. Raman feels guilty and thinks he has provoked Roshni to go away from the baby. Ishita asks Raman not to feel guilty and keep Roshni’s trust by raising the baby the right way.


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