Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Krishna Chali London: Shukla feels content by vanquishing Krishna

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Shukla has defeated Krishna by trapping Dubey in the fraud case. Krishna cries and asks Shukla to spare her dad. She apologizes to him. She asks Shukla to take back the complaint. Shukla tells his wife that he has done this big thing and taught Krishna a lesson of lifetime which the entire family failed to do, Krishna will never raise her voice against them now. Krishna begs him for help. Shukla boasts of himself when Krishna folds hands and weeps. He makes fun of her helplessness. He tells Krishna that she has to obey them and not throw tantrums in the house again. He makes Krishna repeat after him, that she has accepted her defeat. He asks her to accept that he is the Lord of the house. Krishna repeats his words.

Krishna tells them that Dubey is suffering in the police station, he even tried to kill himself, unable to bear the humiliation, he needs to be attended, he is facing a mental trauma. She says Shukla didn’t do this right to punish Dubey. She wants Dubey to get free from everything.

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Dubey doesn’t want to go back to jail. Krishna asks Shukla to save Dubey from the accusations. She says you can punish me, but not my dad. She feels humiliated. She tells Shukla that she will never answer him again, and follow his commands. Krishna’s tears gives him happiness. Shukla’s wife feels bad for Krishna, and thinks Shukla has crossed limits this time to tackle Krishna. Radhe and Krishna will have problems because of Prashant’s entry. Shukla takes back the complaint by calling the inspector. He gets Dubey freed from allegations. He asks Krishna to go meet her dad and return home soon.






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