Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar and Kulfi’s heart-wrenching separation…

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Sikandar misses to find Kulfi in David’s house, since she leaves from there just when Sikandar reaches with the police. Inspector interrogates Suzaine. David asks Sikandar to leave with the police. He calls Sikandar mad and scolds him. Sikandar says I doubt on David, as he has locked up his wife in the house. David asks inspector not to trouble them by listening to Sikandar. Sikandar tells inspector that David is not a right man, something is fishy, his behavior isn’t right. Sikandar sees Kulfi’s cloth near the window and is sure that Kulfi was here. He gets no other proof and fails to convince the police to arrest David.

Inspector tells Sikandar that she will keep an eye on David and try to find Kulfi. Sikandar feels David has kept Kulfi captive. He tells Mohendar that David isn’t a nice man. Sikandar leaves with the police, just when Kulfi sees him. Kulfi runs after Sikandar to stop him, but misses him. Sikandar and Kulfi cry for each other. David captures Kulfi once again and gets her home. He cages Kulfi. Kulfi gets heartbroken.

Sikandar cries for Kulfi. He feels Kulfi was very clean-hearted and motivated him a lot. Amyra feels guilty and goes to confess her mistake to Sikandar. Lovely stops Amyra and tells her that if she confesses her mistake, he will never forgive her, since its a huge mistake this time. She asks Amyra not to make Sikandar hate her. She pacifies Amyra. Tevar wants to meet Lovely. He asks Lovely what does she want, if he should get engaged to Monty. She asks him to do anything, as its not her concern. She tells him that Kulfi is missing, and there is much tension at home. Kulfi gets some help when she befriends two kids. Sikandar’s heart tells them that Kulfi is at the same house. He reaches David’s house to find her. He spies at David’ house and fails to find Kulfi. Kulfi sings a song, which reaches Sikandar via the kids. He confirms about Kulfi’s stay in the house.






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