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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha: Vishesh and Kanchan get married by elders’ blessings. Vishesh convinces Rajmata to accept Kanchan, stating Kanchan is the most purest person for him. Rajmata accepts Kanchan for Vishesh’s sake. Vishesh wants to find the culprit in Kanchan’s sake. Vishesh tells Kanchan that he has to go to London for an important legal case. He asks Kanchan to stay strong and not fall in problems. Vishesh tells Kanchan that he will miss her a lot, he is helpless to leave for the work, and he can’t even take her. Kanchan tells him that he should go for the work, she will manage everything. He doesn’t want to go. His heart gets back to her. She asks him to focus on work. He gives her Durga Devi idol to encourage her. He asks her to not bear any injustice in his absence.


Kidnapper and Vivaan have a fight. When the kidnapper shoots at Vivaan, Meera gets in between and gets shot. She saves Vivaan’s life. Vivaan gets a shock on seeing Meera shot. He rushes Meera to the hospital and wishes she gets fine. He regrets for expressing hatred towards Meera. Vivaan and Meera’s misunderstandings get cleared. They will come together again.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika faints down. Doctor checks her and congratulates that she is pregnant. Sahil gets a big shock and shatters with this news. Yash is very happy as he wanted to have a heir. Sahil feels much hurt that Vedika went away from him and stepped ahead in life with Yash. Vedika has mixed feelings. She doesn’t get happy with the news. She gets in a dilemma. Sahil feels he has lost Vedika forever. He was assuming the marriage to be fake. Vedika’s pregnancy breaks down Sahil. Manjula does aarti of Vedika and Yash, and congratulates them. She gets excited to become grandmom of Agarwal family’s heir. She asks Yash not to think of Sahil’s reaction, Sahil is mad, he never imagined that you will have a child so soon after the marriage.

Omkara and Anika get Anika’s homecoming celebrated. Shivay isn’t happy, as he believes Priyanka is in coma state because of Anika. He is in much pain. He wants Priyanka to come out of the prolonged unconsciousness.


Kunal gets too caring towards Nandini. He can’t see her bearing the pain. He also thinks Nandini should get separated from Rajdeep. He wishes the best for Nandini. Mauli advises Nandini to take divorce from Rajdeep and end the relation forever. She wants Nandini to get free from the bounds. She knows Nandini can’t stay happy with Rajdeep. She wants Nandini to become like before and live her life well. Nandini agrees to divorce Rajdeep. Mauli reminds her their old days. She convinces Nandini to sign the papers. Nandini signs the divorce papers as she believes in Mauli.

Jiji Maa:

There is a big drama with Chiku’s entry. Everyone wants to know who is the father of the little girl. When Shreya reveals that Suyash is Chiku’s father, reminding Suyash about their past relation, Falguni decides to verify Shreya’s truth. Falguni tells Suyash that they should get a DNA test done of Chiku and him, so that they can know if Suyash has really fathered Chiku. Suyash gets worried seeing the family tension. He also wants to ease out things. He fears that he may lose Falguni. He says I know Shreya well, she isn’t bad-hearted, she would not lie this way to break my marriage, if she is saying that I m Chiku’s father, then it would be true, though I don’t remember, I don’t see any reason for Shreya to cheat us by using Chiku.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja couldn’t handle Angraj alone. Mahek will support Pooja in failing Angraj. They dress in the same bridal dress to fool Angraj. Pooja fakes her feelings for Angraj, which makes him happy. He thinks nothing can go wrong as he is close to his win. Rahul, Surbhi and Svetlana leave from the mandap. Angraj lights the havan kund. Pooja wants Naren to be safe. She indirectly passes her message to Naren. She plays a game, while acting helpless. Angraj plans to kill Naren in the mandap. He wants to marry Pooja to win her forever.


Colonel and his goons target Suraj and Chakor, knowing Suraj’s big deceive. Colonel wants to punish Suraj for cheating Naina. Vivaan and Chakor try their best to save Suraj. Vivaan enters the pub, by going against Abhay’s warnings. Vivaan fears that Suraj and Chakor would die it the commandos get late. He tells Abhay that he can’t sit in peace and wait for any bad news to come his way, he has to get in and save his family members. Imli fears of losing Vivaan. He explains her that they have to sacrifice a lot for their family, she can’t be selfish like before. Vivaan rushes to Suraj. Colonel shoots at Suraj, but misses to kill him.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Tevar is getting engaged to Minty, even when he loves Lovely. Amyra and Lovely become part of the celebrations. He tells everyone that there is always a woman behind a man’s success, just because that woman doesn’t want to fall in love with any unsuccessful man. He jokes over Lovely’s deceive. He says even if a woman loves a man, she won’t marry him, if he is unsuccessful. He mocks Lovely and tries to make her jealous by showing love for Minty. He wants Lovely to share her feelings. He drops the engagement ring and avoids Minty. He gives a chance to Lovely to speak up. Amyra finds the ring and helps Minty. Minty thanks Amyra and hugs her. Amyra asks them to exchange rings quickly. Tevar exchanges the rings with Minty. He is using Minty to get close to Lovely. Lovely doesn’t tell anything to Tevar, since she wants to focus on Sikandar and Amyra.


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