Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi’s deadly accident to leave Sikandar devastated

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Sikandar leaves from the church, after pleading to people to help him find Kulfi. David gets emotional hearing Sikandar’s speech and lets Kulfi free. He asks Kulfi to go to Sikandar, who dearly loves her. Kulfi runs after Sikandar, when he leaves out of the church. She shouts out to Sikandar. Sikandar hears her voice and stops the car. Sikandar sees Kulfi. He opens his arm for Kulfi. They see each other and get emotional. Their happiness gets unmeasurable. Kulfi cries happily that she has finally got back to Sikandar. He also feels on cloud nine that he has finally got Kulfi. Kulfi and Sikandar, distanced, run to each other to hug. Kulfi gets hit by a speeding jeep and falls away.

She meets with a deadly accident, just when she was uniting with her father. Sikandar can’t believe his eyes and runs to see Kulfi. He takes Kulfi in lap and breaks down, fearing he has lost her the moment he found her. Kulfi starts bleeding.

Sikandar gets in huge shock getting her blood in his hands. He was hoping to unite with her after the long separation. Kulfi falls unconscious. Sikandar breaks down and hugs Kulfi. He sheds tears and holds much pain in heart. He asks her to open eyes and talk to him. She doesn’t respond. Sikandar rushes Kulfi to the hospital to save her life. Kulfi will get critical. Sikandar will know his blood ties with Kulfi in the upcoming hospital track.






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