Piyaa Albela: Pooja and Naren to get married

Pooja tries to find Naren

Pooja couldn’t handle Angraj alone. Mahek will support Pooja in failing Angraj. They dress in the same bridal dress to fool Angraj. Pooja fakes her feelings for Angraj, which makes him happy. He thinks nothing can go wrong as he is close to his win. Rahul, Surbhi and Svetlana leave from the mandap. Angraj lights the havan kund. Pooja wants Naren to be safe. She indirectly passes her message to Naren. She plays a game, while acting helpless. Angraj plans to kill Naren in the mandap. He wants to marry Pooja to win her forever.

Shaurya and Naren join hands to defeat Angraj. Angraj thinks he will be marrying Pooja and his plan will get successful. He is making Naren marry Mahek. Pooja asks Naren not to marry Mahek, it would be wrong. Pooja gets compelled and sits in the mandap with Angraj. She makes a plan to make Angraj mad. She ignites the fire in the mandap to shock Angraj. Pooja drugs Angraj to ruin his senses. Angraj gets crazy and sees Pooja everywhere. Pooja and Naren succeed to save themselves from Angraj. Angraj, Svetlana, Rahul and Surbhi lose out to the goodness. Pooja and Naren get married.


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