Shakti: Harak gets stubborn to oust Soumya from the family

Shakti Soumya adds huge twists Heer's happiness jitters

Harak Singh and Preeto have an argument over Soumya. Harak vents out anger on Harman and expresses his real thinking about Soumya’s kinner identity. He can’t accept Soumya’s identity and wants her out of the house. Preeto asks Harak to accept Soumya as bahu, as she is Harman’s true love. Harak doesn’t listen to her. He finds Harman totally mad to love a kinner. Preeto has melted her heart for Soumya for the sake of her son, but Harak is still adamant. He tells Preeto that Harman and Soumya’s family won’t go ahead, how will they get a heir, their family will have no successor.

He doesn’t want Soumya to ruin his family heirship. He asks Preeto to think of the main drawback of Harman and Soumya’s relation. Nani witnesses Harak and Preeto’s argument, but doesn’t learn the matter. Nani is more shrewd than Harak. She doesn’t know about Soumya being a kinner. Harak is sure that Nani will not accept Soumya once the truth gets out. He waits for Harman’s madness to end. Soumya feels guilty seeing the family clashes.



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