Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

High Five Spoilers: Jiji Maa, Yeh Rishta and more…

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Jiji Maa:
The DNA reports bring out the truth that Suyash is the father of Chiku. Suyash accepts Chiku, doubting about his relation with Shreya. Suyash bonds with Chiku. She asks him to sing a lullaby for her. She asks Suyash why is he silent, they will sing and dance, she missed him a lot till now. He asks her to sleep. Chiku insists him to sing. Shreya scolds Chiku and asks her to sleep. She apologizes to Suyash. She says sorry, we have come between you and Falguni this way, I didn’t wish to spoil your marriage, I just came for Chiku, I will try my best that you don’t face any problems because of me. Falguni had much belief in Suyash, and gets surprised seeing the situation. Shreya promises Suyash that she will come between Suyash and Falguni.

She shares her worries about Chiku’s future. She asks Suyash not to worry, she will ensure that Chiku doesn’t trouble him much. Falguni and Uttara over their conversation. Falguni worries. Uttara pacifies Falguni that she understands the pain a wife goes through on seeing her husband with someone else. She explains Falguni that she has to control Suyash and not let him bond with Chiku. Falguni tells Uttara that she trusts Suyash, he won’t have any relation with Shreya now, but she can’t stop Suyash from meeting his daughter. Shreya is lying to the family about Chiku. Suyash isn’t Chiku’s father, but Shreya lies to everyone for a big motive.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The show brings another twist around Mansi’s pregnancy. Naira gets jealous on seeing Kartik with his childhood friend Ashi. Kartik and Ashi go for jogging. Ashi cracks jokes, being a famous standup comedian. She makes sure that Kartik holds a smile on his face. They bond well. Naira comes to the same park and sees them together. Ashi gets all the attention. Naira laughs seeing Ashi’s behavior and doings first. She then finds Kartik happy and centered on Ashi. She feels bad seeing their close friendship. Naira tries to avoid them. Naitik meets his friend and gets busy in talk. He then comes to Naira and asks her what made her upset. Naira doesn’t tell him anything.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam unknowingly helps Meher. Meher learns about Rihaan’s big trick to take Zain’s place for Nikaah. She doesn’t know that Rihaan truly loves Mahira. She has overheard his conversation with Sarfaraz, and suspects him to be a fraud, who wants to marry Mahira for revenge. She doesn’t want Mahira’s life to get ruined. She doesn’t trust Rihaan. Meher frees Zain from the terrace room and gets him back. She goes to Mahira and reveals that Rihaan has been ousted. Mahira gets a big shock on seeing Zain back. Meher explains Mahira that Zain is the right person for her, Rihaan is a fraud and will ditch her after marriage. She asks Mahira to marry Zain for the family’s sake. Mahira refuses to Meher. They have an argument.

Savitri Devi:

Veer gets a big surprise, which ruins his happiness and senses. Mishri’s sisters come to meet him from the village. They do some mischief and pull his leg. It gets tough got him to tolerate them. The girls feel Mishri is lucky to get a handsome guy like him. They ask him to take them for sight seeing.

Veer gets embarrassed and scolds Mishri for making fun of him in the hospital by calling her sisters. Dr. Kabir asks Veer to take his time and enjoy with his in-laws. Veer stares at Mishri. Mishri takes her sisters and leaves from the hospital. Veer doesn’t like Mishri’s surprise.

He wants to maintain discipline in the hospital. Dr. Kabir is completely professional, but give some space to Veer, asking him to come to discuss the medical case once he gets free. Veer’s life is completely ruined. He is doing everything in anger to take revenge on Sanchi. He feels things got much complicated. He doesn’t understand what’s happening and why. He didn’t expect his life to bring such bad surprises for him.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara get into a moment of love and care. Zara has won his heart again. She tells him why she has kept the land with her, so that he can take money from her. He falls in love with her once again. He makes her wear his cap and hugs her. He says Miraj, dad and mum have asked my decision on divorce, its just you, who didn’t ask my decision, what’s the reason for this. She tells him that she didn’t ask him since she knows his decision well, they won’t get divorced now. She shows her belief in him.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep gets shot. Tara gets worried for him. She has no idea that Virat has shot Deep, while Deep was chasing Aarohi. Tara takes care of Deep, after he gets treated. Tara was happy that Aarohi is dead. She wanted to give a surprise to him. When she finds him injured, her plans get ruined.

Krishna Chali London:
Radhe and Krishna return home. Radhe’s wounds make his mum worry, but Shukla creates a scene that Krishna’s ex lover returned in her life and got a place in Dubey’s house. He insults Radhe over his blind love. He doesn’t care if his words break Radhe’s heart. Shukla doesn’t regret for his doings.

Piyaa Albela:

In Piyaa Albela, Pooja and Naren got together to fight with Angraj. Angraj overpowers them and tricks Pooja into believing that he is Naren, and Naren is Angraj. He instigates Pooja to shoot down Naren. Pooja then realizes that she has shot her own love, her husband Naren. She can’t believe Angraj’s big cheat. Rahul feels guilty that he has got his brother killed. Pooja goes lost and shatters after Angraj shoots Naren. She is broken down that Naren is dead. She removes all her jewelry and throws on the road, while walking lost. She then shouts aloud and cries for Naren.


Vivaan learns that Meera has left the house. Meera goes to her ancestral house in the village, and starts living there. Her dad explains her that it won’t be easy for her, but she has to move on. She has chosen her family over Vivaan, even though she loves Vivaan a lot. Meera stays hurt because of the bullet injury. Vivaan meets her after much difficulty. He worries for her. He tries much to convince her to return back to the city with him. Meera tells Vivaan that she has left everything and wants to start a new life in the village. Her dad gets angry on seeing Vivaan. He asks Vivaan not to hurt his daughter more. He wants Vivaan to leave them alone. Vivaan decides to live with Meera. He tells her dad that he will not let their divorce happen.


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