Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer’s decision on divorce to get questioned

Ishq SubhanAllah

Kabeer and Zara get into a moment of love and care. Zara has won his heart again. She tells him why she has kept the land with her, so that he can take money from her. He falls in love with her once again. He makes her wear his cap and hugs her. He says Miraj, dad and mum have asked my decision on divorce, its just you, who didn’t ask my decision, what’s the reason for this. She tells him that she didn’t ask him since she knows his decision well, they won’t get divorced now. Zara gets coffee for Kabeer. She tells him that she has some matter going on in her mind and wants to take his help. Zara cheers him up by showing her belief in him. She asks him to help her by giving his opinion. She says I know you are upset, a new Qazi is selected by the Shariah board.

He tells her that he isn’t upset, its the normal rules of the board. He acts unaffected by the board decision. He wants the people’s welfare. Zara knows his good intentions. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt Kabeer’s sentiments. She tries to know what does he want. She wants things to be mutual for them. Miraj gets envious. He wants to show who wins Zara. He tells that Zara can be either of him or Kabeer. He gets mad to get Zara in his life.


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