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TGI Friday’s Spoilers: Ishq Mein Marjawa, Ishqbaaz and more…

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Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi gets chased by Deep. She runs away and hides from him by taking shelter in a temple. She goes to meet the doctor. She learns the pregnancy truth. Doctor asks her about he child’s father. Aarohi has a threat to her life because of Deep. She got badly cheated in love. Virat finds her at the hospital and shoots at her. Aarohi gets a huge shock and wonders how can he hurt her. Virat tells her that he was shooting someone who was standing behind the curtain with a knife in hand, that man would have killed her. He trusts Anjali and wants to protect her, as he loves her and her richness as well. Anjali was very rich, and Deep wants to use Aarohi to unlock Anjali’s bank locker by using her new face. He wants Aarohi to help him get Anjali’s wealth. Deep has become Aarohi’s enemy once again.

Bitti Business Wali:
Police raid the hotel room and ask Mahi and Bitti about their relationship. Mahi tells him that they are husband and wife. Inspector doesn’t believe and asks for Proofs. Bitti tells him that they are ready to marry in court today itself. Mahi gets tensed.

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Krishna Chali London:

Shukla reveals Krishna and Prashant’s link past in a manner, that gets shocked for Radhe and the entire family. Shukla tells Radhe what Krishna had done. He asks Radhe to make a choice and either have Krishna or his family. Shkula creates a new drama. He taunts Krishna well. He tells Radhe that Krishna had an affair with Prashant, that’s why Prashant bailed out Dubey, Prashant is her ex lover, Radhe is a fool who got beaten up in the wrestling match to arrange the money, but Radhe’s help wasn’t required by Krishna, she already had her lover with her. He tells Radhe that Radhe is madly in love with Krishna and has become her puppet, but Krishna still loves Prashant. He asks Radhe if he will do something about this, or still be blind in love.


Mauli tells Nandini that she has met Rajdeep to talk about divorce. Nandini thinks where did her life got her, she is divorcing her husband to lead a new life. She asks Mauli how did Rajdeep react seeing the divorce papers, did he agree for it. Mauli tells Nandini that Rajdeep was getting angered, but she has served the papers to him, he was super shocked seeing your signs on the papers. She says Rajdeep was trying to scare me, but I m also a tigress, I enjoyed his frustrated reaction, he couldn’t believe that you signed the papers, his decision doesn’t matter, what really matters is your decision taken by self will.

Nani always does something that creates a trouble for Soumya, which pushes Harman in tension as well. Nani calls some panditains home. The women take Soumya outside the home for some puja. Nani believes in superstitions. She doubts that someone has cast an evil spell on Soumya, that’s why Soumya isn’t able to conceive a child. She gets following her blind beliefs. She thinks Soumya isn’t having children, even when she has passed all the medical tests, its surely someone’s evil sight that’s creating a hurdle for Harman and Soumya to become parents.

There will be a new entry of Ishika’s mum. Ishika meets her parents at the college and gets happy. She hugs her mum and dad. Ishika’s mum will be bringing positivity in Ishika’s life and have a good bond with Roop.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihika gets over-possessive about Adi and Roshni’s child, since she is raising him with much love and care. There is much tension in Bhalla house. Ishita gets worried knowning baby Adi falls sick. Mihika has taken the baby’s responsibility completely. She wanted to assist Aaliya in handling the baby, but feels like the baby’s mother. She tells Ishita that the baby isn’t calming down, he is crying so much, she just went to washroom and left him alone for some time, don’t know the reason why he is not getting quiet. She asks Ishita to find out the baby’s problem. She rushes to save the baby’s body temperature. Ishita tells Mihika and Raman that baby doesn’t have fever. She asks Mihika not to get hyper, baby is fine, but maybe he is missing Roshni. Mihika and Ishita try to quieten the baby.

Shivay gets angered when Anika claims to be his wife and enters the family. He rages when Anika wins his brothers’ support. Daksh fills his ears that Anika has charmed the family as well, and is doing everything for her rights, being Shivay’s wife, she could get everything that Oberoi bahu would get. Shivay gets more frustrated to see Anika in his house, after Daksh’s wrong interpretation of Anika’s move. Shivay storms his way to Anika and demands her to have a relation with him and fulfill a wife’s duty, which shocks her. Later, Shivay throws her out of the room and shows her right place.


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