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TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers

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TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers brings glimpse of the upcoming tracks of your favorite shows. Kaleerein: Meera’s dad Amar doesn’t want Meera to go back with Vivaan. He scolds Vivaan for disrespecting Meera and never valuing her. He asks Meera not to melt her heart, Vivaan has tortured her a lot, he doesn’t deserve her. He gets angry on Vivaan. He asks Meera to either choose her family or Vivaan. Vivaan has realized his mistakes. He asks Meera to stay with her family, he doesn’t want to separate her from her Maayka, he will become suitable for her and prove himself, so that Amar gives her hand to him and she accepts the Kaleerein by everyone’s blessings. He tells Meera that Amar isn’t wrong, but even they aren’t wrong to think for reconciliation. He asks Meera to wait for his return. He makes promises to Meera.

Jiji Maa:

The family gets a huge shock when they learn that Shreya is being tortured by her husband. Falguni doubts on Shreya. She follows Shreya and gets to see Shreya bearing the tortures at her home. She saves Shreya from that man and gets her home. She asks the family to accept Shreya, as Shreya is genuine and didn’t lie about Chiku, they can’t send Shreya and Chiku to that torturing man again. Shreya steals some costly antiques. Uttara finds some decorative antiques missing and yells at the servant to know about it. She asks them to find the antiques. Uttara catches Shreya red-handed and checks her bags. She finds the antiques and accuses Shreya for the theft. Falguni supports Shreya, being unaware of her truth.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira and Vijay come on a picnic. Mandira gets Bulbul with them to make her work as a servant. She wants Bulbul to die and prove that its an accident. Mandira and Bulbul have a fight. Mandira humiliates Bulbul to provoke Vijay. Vijay acts mad to scare Mandira and gets a knife. Mandira thinks to use this chance and trap him in his own plan. Mandira pushes Vijay so that Bulbul gets stabbed by him. Mandira kills Bulbul by using Vijay. Vijay can’t believe that he has stabbed Bulbul accidentally. He feels lost in life. Mandira injects Vijay to faint him. She then tells him that he has killed Bulbul. He gets mad thinking of his crime. She thinks once Bulbul is out of their lives, everything will be fine.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara get together to get evidences against Miraj. Nilofer meets them and gives them evidences of Miraj’s diamond smuggling. She asks Kabeer and Zara to trust her and check the file if they want to check the evidence. Zara wonders why is Nilofer going against Miraj, when she loves him. Kabeer gets happy that Nilofer is helping. She goes to eat the breakfast brought by Nilofer. Zara stops him and tells him that the food can be faulty, something could be mixed in it, since Nilofer has got the food. He asks her not to doubt on food. She wants to safeguard Kabeer.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Nandini and Kunal reach the temple by getting saved from the storm. Nandini recalls the moments when Kunal saved her life and supported her. She thinks Kunal has done a lot for her, and became her good friend. The saint tells her that she will get much happiness in future, she will find true love and a true life partner. He gives her signs about Kunal. She closes eyes and thinks for her bright future. When she opens eyes, she sees Kunal in front. He holds her hand and takes her. She realizes she respects Kunal and also some feelings. She gets affected on realizing her feelings for Kunal.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam gets a farewell from home. She is going to Pakistan with her biological mother Aayat. She hugs Madiha and others. Everyone cries on Mariam’s leaving. Mariam too gets sad to leave her family. She just thinks to cure Aayat soon and come back to her family. The family members love Mariam a lot and can’t see Mariam’s departure. Majaaz consoles Madiha and hugs her. He assures that Aayat will keep Mariam fine. Mariam is happy to visit a new place and be with Aayat. She doesn’t know that Aayat has evil intentions and is taking her to Pakistan to cure her critically ill son Jibraan.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Sikandar rushes Kulfi to the hospital and worries for her. He gets dying thinking of the dire consequences if anything happens to Kulfi, who is like his own child. Sikandar gets distressed thinking about Kulfi’s recovery. He gets Lovely’s calls and avoids her, getting absorbed in his worries regarding Kulfi. Nurse asks Sikandar to complete the formalities and give his consent for the medical process. Sikandar signs the forms as Kulfi’s father, which is the real big truth of his life. Sikandar asks the doctor to treat Kulfi the best way possible. Doctor tells him that Kulfi is critical, but they are trying their best to save her life. Sikandar gets heartbroken and feels like losing a dear one. Media reaches there and troubles Sikandar with their questions.

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