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High Five Spoilers….
Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Nidhi plots against Vedika once again. Her plan fails. Sahil and Vedika get police to get Nidhi arrested. Karan joins hands with Vedika. Karan doesn’t let Nidhi run away. Puneesh troubles Nidhi too. Nidhi pays for her crimes.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Kulfi gets critical. Sikandar rushes inside the operation theatre to see her. He gets shattering seeing the tense situation. He requests Kulfi to come back to him. Kulfi dreams of Nimrat and going to heaven to live with Nimrat. She drops her will to live and gets leaving the world. Sikandar hears the doctors and nurse struggling to save Kulfi. He goes to Kulfi and apologizes to her. He asks her to get back to live. He sings a song for Kulfi to revive her. He wants Kulfi to get conscious. He knows music is everything for Kulfi. He asks Kulfi to give him Guru Dakshina by getting conscious. Nurse asks Sikandar to go out, he can’t be inside the OT during the operation.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mrs. Bhalla falls in superstitions. Ishita falls in big trouble because of Parmeet’s new plan. Simmi uses Mrs. Bhalla’s blind beliefs to ruin Ishita’s happiness. She sends a tantric to Mrs. Bhalla to instigate her against Ishita. The tantric tells Mrs. Bhalla that Bhallas will lose their heir Adi if they spare Ishita. The tantric asks Mrs. Bhalla to keep Ishita away from the baby. When Ishita manages the baby, Simmi pours oil on the floor to make Ishita fall down. Ishita gets hurt, but doesn’t let anything happen to baby. Simmi takes away Adi from her and asks her not to take the baby again. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she slipped on the floor, but didn’t let baby get hurt, he is fine. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita for casting a bad shadow on Adi.

Soumya falls in bigger trouble, since Nani feels Soumya is pregnant. She keeps Soumya’s baby shower function. Soumya will be having a dance performance once again. Soumya dances with Raavi. Nani celebrates happiness. Nani sings for welcoming the new member of the family. Preeto tries to stop Nani from hurting Soumya’s sentiments. Nani isn’t aware of Soumya’s truth. Soumya keeps Nani’s heart and celebrates with everyone. She gets sad.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul comes to the jungle to save Vijay, but Mandira plays a plan that Vijay stabs Bulbul accidentally. Mandira pushes Vijay. She asks Vijay to kill Bulbul, she wants to separate them. After Bulbul gets stabbed, Vijay gets in shock. Bulbul can’t believe that Vijay has stabbed her. Vijay gets broken down. Mandira makes the perfect plan to get rid of Bulbul. Mandira faints Vijay by the injection. Mandira drags Bulbul and takes her to the jungle. She buries Bulbul under the leaves. Mandira tries to get away, but Bulbul gets conscious and holds Mandira’s leg to stop her. Mandira gets rid of Bulbul and manages to run away.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash and Falguni get separated by Shreya. Shreya and Chiku’s entry in Suyash’s life creates troubles for Falguni. Niyati worries that Falguni’s marriage is breaking. Uttara sympathizes with Falguni, having a good image in Falguni’s eyes now. Falguni has total faith in Suyash. Falguni will verify Shreya’s word.

Arjun confronts Aditya over his relation with Zoya. He asks Aditya if he has just friendship with Zoya. Aditya doesn’t want to answer Arjun. Arjun keeps asking Aditya the same thing to clear things about Zoya. He asks if this is more than friendship. Aditya accepts that he loves Zoya, his world starts and ends on Zoya. He confesses his immense love for Zoya.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Mauli gets separated from Kunal and Nandini during the landslide. Mauli asks them to be careful. They get separated by the huge boulders dividing them. Mauli misses Kunal and tries to reach to them. Kunal and Mauli try to reach each other. Mauli witnesses Kunal and Nandini going away at the other side. She worries for them. Kunal saves Nandini from getting hurt.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara and Kabeer have new tension again. Kabeer gets a file. Zara has become the new Qazi. She doesn’t want to do any mistake. She tells Kabeer that she can’t focus on her career, because of their personal tensions. She tells him that earlier they fought and reached the divorce phase because of such a case of Shariah board. Zara tells him about the case of Nikaah Halala. He encourages her to see the case well and decide. He asks her what’s her opinion. She tells him that this time she won’t decide anything, as she doesn’t want to lose Kabeer, he should feel disrespect.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Akhilesh learns about Ira’s planning to expose the fraud doctor and his team who are involved in kidney scam. Ira takes a big risk and stakes her life for saving many innocent lives. Akhilesh also reaches the hospital and looks for Ira, only to find her in the OT, at the target of the fraud doctors. Ira prepares to call police in time and expose the fraud doctors by collecting evidences. Ira gets help from her brother, who records the crime. Ira and her brother fall in brother, while Akhilesh heroically saves them.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
Vishesh and Kanchan’s relation gets acceptance from Rajmata, who is happy seeing their true love. Rajmata asks Vishesh to marry Kanchan soon and get her home. Kanchan’s real culprit will be shown. Ananya’s brother-in-law Saurabh is the real culprit who has ruined Kanchan’s dignity and dreams. Saurabh’s true face will be out to Vishesh soon. Saurabh gets blackmailing Kanchan by reminding her the shocking incident, so that she doesn’t marry Vishesh. Vishesh learns about the blackmailer’s call and takes help from his friend to counter the evil man. Vishesh reaches close to nab Saurabh. He wants to protect Kanchan at any cost.


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