Twists in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa and more

Star Bharat Top 3 Upcoming Spoilers

Jiji Maa:
Shreya leaves Rawat family. She decides to leave form Suyash’s life. She thinks of her daughter and cries. Chiku runs after Shreya. Falguni spots Shreya and Chiku getting in danger. She saves Chiku, while Shreya meets with an accident. She gets much injured. She makes Falguni promise that she will love Chiku as her mother. Falguni promises her that she will take care of Chiku well. She asks Shreya to be strong and have courage, they will take her to hospital. Shreya puts another request, which gets shocking for Falguni. Shreya asks Falguni never to have her own child, else it would be injustice with Chiku.

Falguni doesn’t think much and agrees to Shreya’s conditions. Shreya loses her breath. She dies on the accident spot. Chiku tells Shreya that she won’t accept anyone else as her mum.

Suyash reaches there and gets a big shock on finding Shreya dead. Niyati and Vidhaan also learn this truth, and feel sorrowful for Chiku. Suyash feels more responsible for Chiku. Falguni tells Suyash that she has let Shreya go, and that’s why this happened. She falls in guilt. She wants to fulfill her responsibility towards Chiku. Suyash and Falguni have to raise Chiku together.


Tabassum wants Muskaan to learn the work as everyone does. Muskaan wants to study and opposes Tabassum. She gets adamant that she will pursue studies. Tabassum scolds Muskaan and asks her how did she start dreaming, when she has sent her to pick the rags. She doesn’t want Muskaan to skip work for any reason.

She wants Muskaan to find the outside world a hell so that she can easily accept the life at the brothel and amend herself. She tortures Muskaan. She hopes that Muskaan will come to them and get obedient to avoid the tiring work. She asks Rakhi to do anything, but not let Muskaan’s face and beauty get hurt. She wants to groom Muskaan and teach the rules of her brothel. She wants Muskaan to dance like Aarti and earn money. Muskaan wants to make her name and fulfill her dreams by the power of education. Tabassum puts Muskaan in trouble by sending her in wrong company, so that Muskaan forgets her studies. She just wants to run her brothel well. She doesn’t spare anyone.

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