Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi gets driven by hatred once again

Simmi holds hatred for Ishita

Simmi struggles to take Ananya to the hospital. She pushes a cart and tries to reach the hospital. Simmi works hard, seeing her own daughter in Ananya. She thinks Ishita has hatred for her, and that’s why she has poisoned the girl. Raman and Ishita try to look for Simmi and Ananya. They don’t find Simmi. They spot Simmi’s car on the way. Ishita worries that Ananya may lie. Ishita informs Ruhi about the complex matters. She asks Ruhi to let her know if Simmi comes home. Ruhi tells them that she can help her in tracking Simmi. She tracks Simmi and tells Ishita that they are really close to Simmi. Ruhi disconnects the call to hide the matter from the family. Still, the elders learn about Parmeet’s misdeed. Ruhi tells them that Parmeet is targeting a little girl’s life. She tells how Raman and Ishita are trying to save the girl’s life. Raman finds Simmi finally.

Simmi doesn’t want to take their help. Ishita tells them that they want to help her in saving the girl. She tells how Parmeet is lying to take advantage of her love. Raman says Parmeet is brainwashing her. Simmi tells them that she won’t lose her Ananya again. Ishita assures that she will save the girl. They assist Simmi in rushing Ananya to the hospital. Simmi worries for Ananya, who is facing death. She tells Ishita that she won’t forgive her. She blames Ishita for poisoning Ananya.

Raman tells Simmi that Parmeet has poisoned the girl to make her against family once again. Simmi doesn’t listen. Parmeet reaches the hospital with the police and accuses Raman and Ishita for attempting to murder Ananya. Raman tells Inspector that Parmeet has confessed his crimes in front of them.

Parmeet plays well and frames Raman by locking Raghav’s wife in Raman’s car. Ramna gets answerable to police. He tells inspector that Parmeet has done everything, he has stopped them and tried to kill Raghav’s family. Parmeet acts clean. He tells inspector that Raman is threatening Raghav’s family.

Ishita defends Raman. Parmeet and Raman get into an argument. Parmeet doesn’t leave any clue behind. He thinks this time Raman and Ishita can’t escape. The family tracks Ishita and goes to meet her to know the matter. Ananya gets fine. Ishita stays concerned for Ananya and her mum. Raman tells Parmeet that he will soon expose him. He wishes that Raghav’s family stays safe and Parmeet loses. The family reaches Ishita to learn the matter. Parmeet threatens Raghav’s wife and asks her to give the statement against Raman. He tells her that he will leave Ananya only if she agrees to him. Raghav’s wife agrees to follow his orders. Simmi bears the family’s hatred because of Parmeet. Inspector meets Raghav’s wife to take her statement. Simmi gets happy that Ananya is stable. Parmeet gives her all the credit for saving the girl. Simmi tells inspector that Raman and Ishita should be arrested. Parmeet plots to kill Ishita. He wants Simmi to support him.


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