Ishqbaaz: Shivika to gift a bundle of shocks to Daksh

Shivika to expose Daksh

Shivika will once again show the power of unity. Shivay prepares for the press conference. Daksh expresses his happiness that Priyanka got totally fine. Shivay tells him that he will punish the wrong-doer for sure. Anika resists Shivay, and tells him that Daksh isn’t right for Priyanka. She asks him to reconsider his thinking and not make such a mistake, which can ruin Priyanka’s life. Daksh gets yelling at Anika for still insulting him and opposing the marriage. He asks Shivay to think for Tia. Shivay tells him that he will manage Tia and also help in finding the culprit. He tells Daksh that he knows the truth now and he doesn’t need to learn anything from Anika.

He reveals that he has decided to give him Priyanka’s property shares before the marriage, and he would be making this announcement. Daksh gets overjoyed, as he didn’t expect this to happen so soon. Shivay tells the reason for his sudden decision, since its Priyanka’s wish. Anika prepares for the conference too. Shivay saves her Mangalsutra from breaking. Anika questions him the reason for caring for her and the wedding sign. He doesn’t answer her. He asks her to meet Priyanka.

Priyanka confronts Shivay for hiding such a big thing. She asks him why did he hide about his marriage with Anika. She gets too happy that Shivay married Anika. She congratulates him and expresses her happiness, since she always liked Anika. She feels bad for Tia. She asks Shivay and Anika about their love story. Shivay sees Anika’s concern for Priyanka and gets happy in his heart. Priyanka tells Anika that Shivay has nobody in his life with whom he can share his problems, sorrow and happiness. She is happy that Anika has become Shivay’s life partner. Shivay makes the announcement in the press meet regarding Daksh. He tells the media that Daksh is back, and he wants to clear few things.

Daksh cleans Priyanka’s name in the media. He tells them that he left from the wedding mandap since he was unwell. Daksh waits for the moment when Shivay announces the property transfer. Shivay gives a big shock to Daksh. He asks Daksh to see his surprise before the media. Shivay calls Anika to pass the gift to Daksh. Anika slaps Daksh to answer him for his misbehavior. Daksh gets a big shock knowing everyone is aware of his truth. Priyanka starts hating Daksh. She vents out her anger on Daksh by bashing him. Shivay tells Daksh that he has to get punished by someone else too.

Payal makes an entry and exposes Daksh in front of the family and media. She reveals Daksh’s true intentions behind marrying Priyanka. Daksh admits his mistakes. Shivay tells the media that he wanted to publicly expose Daksh’s truth. He wants the women to raise a voice against injustice. Shivay passes a social message for women rights once again. He admits his mistake of wrongly judging Anika and hurting her, because of Daksh’s manipulations. He regrets for breaking Anika’s marriage and heart. He asks Anika to punish him. He publicly apologizes to Anika. He feels guilty that he misunderstood Anika.


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