Krishna Chali London: Dubey wants Krishna-Radhe to get divorced

Krishna Chali London spoilers

Radhe and Saajan meet Prashant. Radhe says Dubey is my father-in-law, you aren’t his family, you should keep the money and stay away. Radhe gives him one rupee more than ten lakhs. Prashant just keeps one rupee and returns the big amount. He says I have done this with Dubey, you are shameless to come back when Dubey kicked you out. Prashant refuses to take money and tells Radhe that he did this for his family and Krishna. This infuriates Radhe. He loses his cool and bashes up Prashant. Radhe tells Prashant that Krishna is just of him. Saajan stops Radhe from injuring Prashant.

Prashant says Krishna won’t be your wife for long. Radhe asks how dare you say this. Prashant asks him to go home and see what’s happening. Radhe doesn’t understand what does Prashant mean to see. Prashant signs him about the divorce. Prashant has instigated Dubey to get Krishna and Radhe divorced. Radhe rushes home, wishing that nothing goes on. Prashant plans to marry Krishna and take her along to London, so that she can pursue medicine and fulfill her dreams. Dubey agrees to Prashant only for Krishna’s happiness.

Dubey learns that Shukla is troubling Krishna a lot. Dubey reaches Shukla house on Teej festival. Dubey gets the divorce papers and asks Krishna to sign the papers to get her freedom. Radhe begs to Dubey not to get them divorced, he will keep Krishna happy. Dubey says I will not let Krishna stay here in this mad family, Krishna isn’t any animal to bear such tortures. He gets into an argument with Shukla.

Shukla gets humiliating Dubey once again. Dubey asks him to lower his tone and talk, he will get Krishna back home with him, the divorce will free Krishna from Shukla family. He asks Krishna to just sign the papers and leave from Shukla house. He confronts Shukla for trying to burn Krishna alive. He asks Shukla why did he get him arrested on false charges to take revenge. Dubey threatens Shukla that he will burn his entire house if anything happens to Krishna. He realizes that he has given Krishna in a wrong family. He tells Shukla that he will show him his right status by publicly insulting him in the neighborhood. Radhe stops Dubey and calms him down. He tells Dubey that he will try his best to protect Krishna, he will ensure that Krishna doesn’t face troubles. Krishna has feelings for Radhe. He has done a lot for Krishna, and won her heart. She doesn’t want to divorce Radhe.

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