Angad confronts Pranali

Mayavi Maling: Angad and Pranali’s huge confrontation

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Madhumali tells Angad that Pranali has become a demon because of his look alike. Angad yells at her for the deceive. She frees Angad as per her plans and asks him to go for the rituals with Pranali. She tells him that she has done everything for their aim, which he forgot because of Pranali. She asks him to go to Pranali, and not tell about his look alike. She tells him that she has sent his look alike away, as he can’t perform the rituals at the lake. She asks him not to tell Pranali about his look alike, else she will give away her life by shame. Angad meets Pranali and tries to know about the last night. Pranali doesn’t answer him anything. She gets saved by Eshwarya.

Pranali feels guilty for the drama and lie. She tells Eshwarya that she has lied to Angad about their union. She couldn’t believe him completely. The sisters feel bad to play such a drama. Angad gets upset thinking about losing Pranali. Madhumali mocks Angad and asks him not to verify anything further.

Everyone wishes Pranali for the lake rituals. Pranali tells them that she will be fine with Angad. She proceeds for it, but Madhumali stops Angad and guides him for placing the weapon in the lake. Pranali and Angad enter the secret chamber for the rituals. Pranali unlocks the Maling’s secrets once again. Angad gets much disappointed with her. He stops Pranali to ask her over not recognizing him and spending time with someone in his place. He doesn’t want to shock Pranali. Pranali tells him that she truly loves him. He gets angry on her lies. He blames her for getting misled and loving someone else. Pranali learns the truth and weeps.

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