TR’s Don’t Miss Out

Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

TR’s Don’t Miss Out… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik can’t forget his relation with Naira since she is his first love. He finds happiness when she is around, but also realizes that his happiness is short-lived. Ashi asks Kartik to stop thinking about his divorce. She tells him that its better that he moves on if he isn’t regretting on his decision. She throws a party to cheer up Kartik. she forces him to attend the separation party. Kartik gets drunk with his friends.

Kundali Bhagya:
Prithvi gets obsessed for Preeta. He sings a song for her and confesses love to her. He wants both Sherlyn and Preeta in his life. He gets crazy. Preeta gets happy over her new job. Prithvi tries to take Preeta on a date, but she refuses to him.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Doctor tells Sikandar that Kulfi is dead. Sikandar shatters and cries for Kulfi. Kulfi gets unconscious and slips in a surreal world where she meets her mum Nimrat. Nimrat and Kulfi spend some wonderful moments. Nimrat asks Kulfi to get back towards her father, before the heaven close shut for her. She tells Kulfi that its not the time to stay with her in the heaven, there is still much time. Nimrat guides Kulfi to return to Sikandar. Kulfi gets revived post her meet with Nimrat. Sikandar sings for Kulfi all the while and pleads to her to come back. He gets a big surprise when Kulfi gets conscious. Cutie learns that Tevar is Lovely’s ex-boyfriend Guddu. She goes on to control Tevar and asks him to stay away from Lovely’s life.

Amar blames Vivaan for stealing the idol. He slaps Vivaan. The villagers get against Vivaan and beat him up. Meera takes a stand for Vivaan, since she knows Vivaan can never do this ever.


Everyone gets happy that Daksh got exposed. Priyanka’s life gets saved. Anika thinks Daksh is exposed, and now she has nothing to do with Oberois. She wants to leave from Shivay’s life. She keeps her mangalsutra in Shivay’s room and packs her bags. She feels she has achieved what she wanted, she has saved Priyanka’s life. There will be new twists. Anika leaves the Oberoi house, which shocks the family. Omkara tells Rudra that Anika isn’t in the house. Dadi asks them where did Anika go. Shivay gets the mangalsutra and turns emotional thinking about Anika. Shivay decides to get Anika back in his life, and realizes her truth.

Mayavi Maling:

Angad and Pranali go for the lake rituals. Everyone blesses them and thinks Angad has become positive. They have no idea that Angad is captive in the ice cave, and his look alike is bonding with them to win Pranali’s trust. Angad is sure that Pranali will find out his look alike and punish him. He feels lost when Madhumali tells him that Pranali has also turned into a demon. Angad confronts Pranali for not recognizing her husband. Pranali learns the truth about Angad’s captivity planned by Madhumali. Angad stops Pranali from performing the rituals with the fraud man.

Piyaa Albela:
Danish saves Naren from Angraj’s plans. Naren and Pooja get married. Angraj learns that Naren got saved, when he finds Naren missing in the grave. He rushes back to home to find Naren. Naren gets into a spirit act to scare their enemies. He faints Surbhi fast and goes on to shock Angraj. Naren and Pooja decide to protect the family from Angraj. Pooja swears to expose Angraj. She makes this ghostly plan to trap Angraj. Naren succeeds to scare Neelima, Surbhi and Rahul. Neelima hands over the file to Naren and regrets for his death. She says I can’t change whatever happened with you, still you can keep this file and go from here. Neelima gets ready to reveal Angraj’s truth. Naren checks the file and makes a leave, while keeping his scary expressions on his face. Rahul gets doubtful on Angraj.


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