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TR’s Quick Reads… Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam gets away from Majaaz. She reaches Lahore with her real mother Aayat, who doesn’t love her. Aayat shows her true colours to Mariam. She keeps Mariam away from Jibraan, who falls critical. Aayat gets scaring Mariam. She expresses her real intentions. She doesn’t want to torture Mariam, but she is just concerned for her son. She has no attachment with Mariam or family. She wants to save Jibraan some how. Mariam catches some thieves, and exposes them in front of Aayat. Aayat finds those relatives stealing her jewelry. She punishes them. She then locks Mariam in a room. She wants to compel Mariam for the operation.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika falls in new trouble, when someone from Agarwal family plans to get her killed. Yash gets to see the shooter. He rushes to save Vedika, and gets shot. Yash gives his sacrifice in order to save her. Yash dies, which gets shocking for Vedika. Vedika and Sahil can’t believe that Yash has left them forever. Vedika cries for Yash. Yash proves his goodness in the final moment of his life. Yash apologizes to Vedika and Sahil and asks them to unite. Later, when Sahil and Bhoomi get engaged in front of Vedika, it gets tough for Vedika to stand their union. Sahil dances with Vedika in the celebrations. Vedika breaks down. Vedika goes to Sahil and tells him that she can’t tolerate more, she really loves Sahil. She confesses love to Sahil. Sahil can’t believe her confession. Sahil and Bhoomi’s engagement drama works since they succeed to make Vedika jealous, and make her accept her feelings.

In Aarti’s absence, Tabassum doesn’t leave any chance to torture Muskaan. When Suzaine takes a stand for Muskaan, Tabassum slaps her and asks her to remember her place. Aarti has tolerated a lot. She has begged much to Tabassum to get her daughter released. She can’t bear anything more. Suzaine wants Muskaan to be kept away from the brothel. Aarti arrives there and gets to see the tortures made on Muskaan. Her patience and tolerance level ends. She gets a gun and threatens to kill Tabassum, in order to save Muskaan. She tells Tabassum that she is Muskaan’s mum and can do anything to save her child’s future.

Silsila Baldate Rishton Ka:
Kunal and Nandini finally get to meet Mauli at the base camp. Mauli hugs Nandini and asks if she is fine. She thanks Kunal for supporting Nandini. She gets to see Kunal hurt. She feels lucky to have such a husband, since he has risked his life for her friend. She hugs Kunal and confesses love. She tells them that she has faced much difficulties to reach the camp, but she wanted to surprise them. Kunal and Nandini don’t know how to react seeing Mauli. They have mixed feelings.


Vivaan and Meera’s love story gets filmi. Vivaan changes his cool clothes and gets dressed as a servant. He works all day. Amar gives him 100 rupees at the end of the tiring day. Vivaan fixes everything and is sure to fix up his breaking relation too. Vivaan gets happy to earn 100 rupees. He goes to give the money to Meera, as its his first hard-earned money. He is ready to do anything for love. He gets bitten by mosquitoes and stays awake. He feels sleepy, but gets disturbed. He checks the ceiling fan, which doesn’t work. He sits killing mosquitoes. Meera feels bad for Vivaan, seeing him losing his sleep.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara gets angry on Kabeer when he refuses to help her in the new case. He then explains her that he is already surrounded in his problems regarding the business project with Miraj. He asks Zara to focus on the work herself. They later have an argument about Elena’s marriage. She suggests that Elena should study, while he agrees with his family to keep the engagement. He says I have told the family, not to talk about Elena’s marriage, as you have taken her responsibilities now. Zara gets rude and tells him that he has just taken advantage of her and their relation, he never supported her.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe and Saajan meet Prashant. Radhe says Dubey is my father-in-law, you aren’t his family, you should keep the money and stay away. Radhe gives him one rupee more than ten lakhs. Prashant just keeps one rupee and returns the big amount. He says I have done this with Dubey, you are shameless to come back when Dubey kicked you out. Prashant refuses to take money and tells Radhe that he did this for his family and Krishna. This infuriates Radhe. He loses his cool and bashes up Prashant. Radhe tells Prashant that Krishna is just of him. Saajan stops Radhe from injuring Prashant.


Imli plans a new evil while acting good and happy in front of Suraj and Chakor. Gumaan and Imli join hands. Both the evil characters unite to break the peace. There is a new kidnapping twist. The family celebrates Saanvi’s birthday with all the enthusiasm. Imli targets Saanvi and kidnaps her to ruin Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. The celebrations turn into a sorrow. Chakor informs Suraj that Saanvi is kidnapped. She hugs him and cries. Suraj can’t believe this. He tells Chakor that Saanvi can’t walk around, maybe she is with someone. The family checks the entire house. Imli confirms that Saanvi is not at home.

Tu Aashiqui:

Tu Aashiqui will have high drama in coming episodes. Pankti gets curious to know about Rangoli’s past. She gets into her search about Rangoli’s ex-boyfriend and the stalker Vicky. She hunts for the guy who was in Rangoli’s life before. She finally gets the address of Vivek and meets him to enquire about Rangoli. She asks him if he has really molested Rangoli as alleged by the latter. Vivek tells her that Rangoli was in a relationship with him, everything was going on smooth till she changed her mind and decided to move on with someone on. He reveals to Pankti that Rangoli is psychotic, she can’t love anyone and just gets obsessed with good looking guys. He tells Pankti how Rangoli accused him of molestation and publicly broke up with him, which ruined his career completely. Pankti believes his side of story.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik gets engaged to Ananya. His mum performs in the engagement party. He gets emotional and hugs his mum. He loves Palak, but is unable to tell her. Palak attends the party and congratulates for his engagement. She feels bad as she also loves Rithvik. She gets into a big confrontation with Rithvik.

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