Kulfi and Amyra to unite with their fathers in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra takes an impulsive decision

Tevar asks Lovely to express her feelings. He has got engaged to Minty just to get Lovely jealous. He makes excuses and dances with Lovely. Amyra breaks the shocking news of Kulfi’s accident. Lovely learns that Sikandar has mentioned his name as Kulfi’s father. Amyra questions Lovely over Sikandar’s move. Lovely gets speechless. Cutie tries to ask Tevar if he is still after Lovely. Doctor informs Sikandar that Kulfi is fine now. Lovely and family rush to the hospital to meet Kulfi. Sikandar tells them that it was a tough day for him, he has realized Kulfi’s importance, he can’t live without Kulfi. Amyra gets worried for Sikandar. He tells her that he loves her a lot, he is totally fine. Amyra scolds him for not answering Lovely’s calls. She asks him if he doesn’t care for them. Tevar tells Cutie that he has become a rich guy just for Lovely.

Cutie tells him that Sikandar will never part away with Lovely and Amyra. Tevar tells her that Sikandar doesn’t love Lovely, she should better leave him and end the marriage. Cutie tells him that Lovely had no option than to marry Sikandar, since she was pregnant. Tevar gets a huge shock knowing Amyra is his daughter.

Cutie tries to lie to him, but the truth gets evident to him. He tries to ask Lovely about Amyra. Cutie fears that Tevar will tell Sikandar that Amyra is Lovely and his child. Cutie tries to inform Lovely about Tevar reaching the hospital. Reporters trouble Amyra, but Tevar reaches her in time and saves Amyra. He emotionally bonds with her, knowing she is his daughter. Lovely tells Amyra that Kulfi will never come between them. Sikandar thanks the doctor for saving Kulfi and spends time with Kulfi. Lovely gets angry seeing Sikandar’s fondness with Kulfi. She learns that Kulfi is a girl. She gets a huge shock. Tevar goes to confront Lovely about Amyra. Lovely realizes Kulfi lied to her till now. She wonders what’s the reason that Kulfi has hidden about her gender. She decides to tell the truth to Sikandar. He already learns this truth from his brother and gets happily surprised. He embraces Kulfi with love, while Tevar breaks the truth to Amyra that she is his daughter. The daughters unite with their fathers.

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  1. i really love this serial.. nd i love also sikandar, kulfi nd lovely.. all are awsum actor specially sikandar singh gill..

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