Kundali Bhagya spoiler

Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Prithvi to battle for Preeta’s love

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In Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi becomes psycho lover of Preeta and fell for her simplicity. Sherlyn fumes in anger knowing Prithvi’s feelings for Preeta in the party. Sherlyn gets questioning Prithvi, when she finds him getting jealous looking at Karan and Preeta. She creates a drama and asks him to maintain distance with Preeta. Prithvi tells his new plan to Sherlyn to get Karan hooked up with the girl he hired. He has madly fallen for Preeta and wants to battle with Karan for winning Preeta. He wants Preeta to hate Karan, after finding him with the girl.

Preeta sees Karan in the party. She gets thinking to talk to him, while Karan makes his way to Preeta to confess his feelings. Karan doesn’t pay any attention to the girl sent by Prithvi.

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Karan gets on his knees to make a sweet confession. He tells Preeta that she is very much special to him, and none can replace her in his life. He goes saying further, but Prithvi angrily breaks their moment. Prithvi wants Preeta to hate Karan. Prithvi’s new found obsession for Preeta will become a big challenge for Karan and Preeta. Prithvi determines to create a huge rift between them.






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