Silsila: Nandini to ‘limit love’ to avoid complications

Silsila: New friendship twist indicating Nandini

Mauli comes to Rajdeep and warns him. Rajdeep asks her to remember that he knows Nandini since many years. He says you have given her shelter in your house and one day you will repent for your decision. Mauli looks on. At the relief base camp, Nandini comes to Kunal and stops him from keeping his hand on bonfire coal while he is sleeping. Kunal wakes up and finds her holding his hand and caring for him. She gets tensed and runs back to the tent. Kunal comes to her tent and asks if that was true, what he has seen. He sees Mauli coming inside the tent and gets shocked. Mauli questions him what was he saying? She hugs him. Kunal makes an excuse. He sees Nandini standing far. Kunal and Nandini fight with their love emotions, changing for each other. They are connected via Mauli, who means a lot to them. They don’t want to hurt Mauli in any way.

Kunal takes Nandini and Dida in his car. Kunal watches Nandini while driving. Nandini too steals a stare without letting him know. Their hide and seek goes on. Nandini thinks why is she feeling for Kunal, maybe because he is an ideal husband and a wonderful human being. She reminds herself that Kunal is Mauli’s husband. She limits her heart from growing feelings for Kunal.

Nandini thinks it will be better for everyone to kill such thoughts right away, else it would complicate their lives. Kunal also does the same thing and tries to make Nandini out of his mind. Kunal, Mauli, Nandini and their family return home. Kunal and Nandini start avoiding each other.


Their behavior gets weird. Mauli gets worried and asks Nandini why is she scared, why is she cornering herself. Nandini feels she is falling for Kunal. She wants to stay away from him. Kunal overhears Nandini and Mauli’s conversation. He doesn’t understand why is Nandini behaving such. Mauli asks Kunal to help Nandini. Nandini is fighting with her feelings. She doesn’t want to break Mauli’s world of happiness, since Mauli is everything for her. Nandini wants to clear her confusion.

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