Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Danger looms over Ishita yet again

Ishita in danger

Ishita tells Mihika that baby doesn’t have fever. When Mihika checks the baby’s temperature with the faulty thermometer, she worries that he is having high fever. She tells them that the baby isn’t feeling comfortable with Ishita. Mihika insists that she will take the baby to hospital. Raman asks Ishita to let Mihika take care of the baby, if she wants. Mihika visits the hospital and learns that baby is fine. She returns home and tells the family that everything is fine. Parmeet sends his associate Swati, who claims to have super powers. Mrs. Bhalla falls in the trap. Ishita asks her not to believe such superstitions. Mrs. Bhalla thinks of meeting Swati once to know about the baby’s future. She wants Adi’s child to get blessed by Swati. Parmeet gets happy that his plan is working.

Mrs. Bhalla meets Swati. She asks about the baby. Swati alerts her about Ishita, who may harm the baby. Mrs. Bhalla can’t believe it. Simmi and Parmeet pay their aides for creating the false beliefs. Mrs. Bhalla tells Swati that the entire family loves the baby. Swati tells her that Ishita’s shadow isn’t right for the baby, he can fall ill by her presence.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Swati that Ishita is a protective figure for them. Swati reminds how Ishita has killed Adi. She fools that Adi has returned as the child, since he had to die at a young age, his soul is restless. Mrs. Bhalla gets believing her. She asks for some solution. Swati asks her who is more important for her, Ishita or the baby. She suggests Mrs. Bhalla to kill Ishita by poisoning her. Simmi is sure that Mrs. Bhalla won’t go against Ishita, but Parmeet tells her that Mrs. Bhalla can do anything for her heir. Mrs. Bhalla gets shaking when she hears the solution. Swati asks her to just add the poison in Ishita’s drink and get rid of her. Mrs. Bhalla chooses the baby over Ishita. Swati informs Parmeet that she has misled Mrs. Bhalla by instilling fear, Ishita will be surely out of his way soon. He tells Simmi that Ishita will soon get out from their lives. Mrs. Bhalla feels sorry to poison Ishita.


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