Mayavi Maling: Madhumali casts her evil shadow on Pranali

Madhumali returns for revenge

Everyone witnesses Marekeyasur attacking Angad, when the latter tries to save Maling Rajya. Madhumali asks Marekeyasur to ruin the Maling. She wants Angad to get punished, as Angad couldn’t fulfill their goals. Angad gets up to fight his father again. Chegu comes to his rescue and fights with the demons to save Maling. Haran also does his part by protecting Maling as much as he can. Adhivanth and Arak help Haran guide the soldiers in the battle. Marekeyasur is determined to ruin Maling’s lake. Angad and Chegu together attack the demons. They both fail miserably, since Marekeyasur is very much powerful. Madhumali finds the battle a silly game and laughs. Shil Aditya tells Pranali that Marekeyasur can be killed only by the powers of Dev Vanshi’s Lord. He guides Pranali to counter the evil powers. Pranali gets an idea to break open the lake powers to kill Marekeyasur. She challenges him to battle with her.

Maling’s princesses succeed to conquer over the evil of demon clan, by getting the demons trapped inside the lake. Madhumali eyes the princesses when they win the battle. She gets angry on Pranali’s clever move. Shil Aditya gets happy with Pranali. Chegu and Angad look forward to unite with Eshwarya and Pranali. Madhumali wants to return to ruin their happiness. Shil Aditya tells them that when he disappeared, it was on the order of his Lord, he had to leave his daughters alone to make them independent to fight with the evil. He feels proud of his daughters. He gets happy that Angad is no more a demon. Angad promises to keep Pranali happy always. The palace fills with happiness.

Shil Aditya announces Eshwarya and Chegu’s marriage. He feels Eshwarya will be happy just with Chegu. Chegu gets glad and happily gives his nod for the marriage. Maling gets relieved that Marekeyasur is destroyed forever. Shil Aditya takes back his duties of guiding Pranali. He asks Angad and Pranali to manage both the kingdoms. He is sure that they will be able to manage everything well. Madhumali casts her evil shadow to ruin Pranali’s happiness.

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