Gumaan and Anjor to play Bhaiya ji and Chakor’s part in Udaan

Anjor meets Chakor

Chakor has ended her ties with everyone in Aazaadgunj, when Suraj ousts her from the house. Gumaan singh and Imli make more bandhuas in Aazaadgunj. Gumaan turns some little kids into his slaves. He tells them that their parents have run away to avoid slavery, but they have got caught, now they have to guard the mango fields, they have to remember that they can’t eat any mangoes, they can just stare at mangoes and yearn for it. He tells them that they have to protect the mango trees from the insects, they will become the care-takers of the fields. He stamps the bandhua mark on their wrist and tells them that they are now his bandhuas. He plays games with the kids and scares them to make them run. He gets mad in his evil game. Anjor becomes a hurdle for Gumaan.

She always opposes Gumaan and Imli, staying fearless. She takes a step to save the kids from Gumaan. Gumaan and Anjor will play their evil and good roles to repeat the history of Udaan. They will be seen similar to Bhaiya ji and Chakor. Their fights will also be same as seen in Chakor’s childhood. Interesting thing will Chakor’s backup to Anjor this time. Chakor and Suraj’s love story is suffering at the moment. It will also come on track by Anjor’s efforts to bring her parents together.


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